Wall-mounted Cranes

The optimal solution up to 10,000 kg load capacity for small or low production halls.


Solving complex tasks simply

When complex or multi-part work steps are required within a plant, bracket cranes (also known as wall-mounted travelling cranes) are used – e.g. in production lines as workplace cranes. Bracket cranes can be used to create an additional conveyor level in a production hall. The cranes move on crane rails specially attached to the wall, which are independent of other crane runways and are therefore more mobile than a slewing crane. Bracket cranes are also the right solution when there is only one wall available for the crane rail, but a semi-portal crane is not an option. Like our slewing cranes, the bracket cranes come with an S.W.L. between 125 kg and 10,000 kg, although higher lifting capacities are possible.


Based on our CraneKits, our engineers will work out a custom-fit solution for your operating conditions. Competent local partners, many of whom are certified, plan, produce and install bracket cranes with high-quality technology from STAHL CraneSystems. You can find the right contact on our contacts page.


  • Own production level, independent of other crane runways
  • Particularly suitable as a workplace crane
  • Versatile and individually configurable and usable
  • Safe working loads from 125 kg to 10,000 kg or more possible
  • Worldwide network of certified partners, crane manufacturers and system builders

The bracket cranes, each with two electric wire rope hoists and one electric wire rope hoist, are arranged offset to each other and, as a supplement to a bridge crane, create a further plane of movement for multi-layered work processes.


Twenty-three bracket cranes with lifting heights of up to 120 m are being used to build the Abraj Al Bait Tower (Clock Tower) in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The hoists are helping to install the oversized clock on the tower, transport building cladding and support the construction cranes in transporting materials.


Bracket cranes with SH wire rope hoists are used for the assembly of production machines in three congruent parallel bays.