STD Dual Chain Hoist
STD Dual Chain Hoist

STD Dual Chain Hoist

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STD Dual Chain Hoist
STD Dual Chain Hoist

The STD dual chain hoist was developed specifically for long material and loads that need to be picked up at two points. It is equipped with two load chains, which are moved synchronously by a hoist motor.

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Low space requirement permitting maximum height of lift
  • Two hook lead-offs running in synch on one hoist
  • Synchronous lifting even with uneven loading, no tilting of the load
  • Individually adapted to width of load
  • Low maintenance
  • Optionally available in explosionprotected design complying with ATEX and IECEx


The ST chain hoist



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Size: 21 x 25 cm

Pages: 32 pages (4 colours)

ST Chain Hoist

Thanks to modular construction, countless custom variants can be built from the ST chain hoist for almost all applications and industries.

The patented design of the STK Extra Short Headroom Trolley enables extraordinary lifting heights, especially in low halls.


Additional equipment, such as a central control system, enables automated interaction of multiple ST chain hoists.


Two separate chains running in sync act on a hook block, thereby making it possible to lift the load without swinging or vibration.


The ST short headroom trolley is based on the tried-and-tested ST chain hoist, which is valued by users, crane manufacturers and system builders alike for its versatility.


The two synchronised rope lead-offs ensure safe transport of long material such as, for example, heavy reels of paper.


The special design of the Big Bag chain hoists allows lifting of lifting beams without obstructing edges getting in the way.


Explosion-proof ST Ex chain hoists according to ATEX and IECEx can be used in Zone 1, Zone 21 and Zone 22 and are suitable for rough outdoor use.