Metals Production

Ensuring safety and efficiency throughout every step of the process.


Steel and other metals are integral to the world we live in. From the smallest gears inside wristwatches to beams in the world’s largest buildings, metal is all around us. And, with its necessity, comes a demand for smarter technology, increased safety, and more efficient production throughout every step of the process.

Columbus McKinnon provides innovative technology used in all stages of metal production, from scrap handling to distribution. We understand the need to work smarter and safer and are committed to developing solutions to help you do just that. 

Working together, our products help you monitor and precisely control the processes and machinery that are critical to your business while providing real-time diagnostics to keep you up and running. We know safety is a priority. With extreme ambient temperatures, high dust exposure and strict safety regulations, our products are built for durability and reliability in even the harshest conditions. 

Whether you need a complete control system, rugged wire rope and chain hoists, actuators for process synchronization, diagnostic tools for maintenance planning, state-of-the-art automation capabilities or even a simple plate clamp, Columbus McKinnon has the technical expertise to design custom products and systems for your unique applications.

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Metals Production Solutions by CMCO

Automation Solutions for the Steelmaking Industry

Intelligent motion solutions build safety right into the steel handling equipment, systems, and processes running in the steel mill, helping you keep operators safe and better informed of system status, equipment life, and so much more. We understand the need to work smarter and are committed to developing solutions to help you do just that.


Duff-Norton Steel Mill Application

Automation Blogs For Steelmaking

From cranes handling thousands of pounds of scrap steel to those transporting liquid metal at very high temperatures, the safety of both workers and equipment is critical in a steel manufacturing plant. By building safety right into the equipment, systems and processes running in the steel mill, you can keep operators safe and better informed of what is going on through every step of the process.

Three Automation Solutions To Improve Safety

The demand to incorporate smart solutions and automation throughout every step of the steelmaking process is rapidly increasing. From steel production to distribution, innovative technology helps increase your safety, uptime, and productivity.

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Metals Production Case Studies

A steel mill with a two-vessel BOF (basic oxygen furnace) had an extremely labor-intensive production process. This included loading alloy batch materials into hand trolleys that were manually weighed, and then the materials were hand dumped into the BOF vessel. A Duff-Norton SuperCylinder was used to increase the speed and efficiency of the process.

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A steelmaking facility found their mill scale clarifier to be inefficient, occasionally causing equipment damage and interruptions to the production process. The system needed to be upgraded to keep this process running smoothly. Columbus McKinnon's Automation team provided an innovative solution.

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