This unique set-up gives our customers access to outstanding technologies and components. According to your requirement we join them to provide individual solutions perfectly suited to your application.

offshore oil rig

We offer far more than the delivery of single components.

For the complex demands of our customers we supply high-end components
with innovative engineering supported by the services of our experts.
The result is a perfectly tailored solution for each and every case.

You configure your system individually, we advise, design and assemble
– worldwide with a highly qualified engineering team. Individual parts are
manufactured and assembled in our plant to create reliable, well-functioning
units. Before delivery, all our products are subjected to rigorous tests on our
in-house test rigs.

As world market leader, we not only sell products, but also provide
comprehensive services to our customers:

• Installation and commissioning
• Preventive and curative maintenance
• Upgrades or reconditioning of equipment
• Dismantling once lifetime has expired

Thanks to our worldwide sales and services network, we are quick to
respondwhenever you need us.

Brands Serving the Offshore Industry

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Pfaff-silberblau - product overview lifting and motion technology

We are technology leaders in components and system solutions for mechanical motion and lifting technology.

Our product portfolio includes #screwjacks, #linearmotion, #liftingcolumns, #liftingtables, #electric and #manuel #wireropewinches, #screws, #nuts, #bevelgear boxes and #accessories.

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