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With a family of trusted global brands, Columbus McKinnon is a leading worldwide designer, manufacturer, and marketer of hoisting and lifting equipment.

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Hoisting equipment is an invaluable resource when it comes to moving bulky or heavy loads from one place to another. Whether you are looking for a manual or powered hoist, these pieces of machinery come in various forms and can meet almost any need. From warehouses and factories to loading docks and production lines, hoists are essential tools for helping workers lift safely and efficiently.

Columbus McKinnon offers an extensive range of hoisting and lifting equipment, including electric & air hoists, manual chain hoists, winches, rack and pinion jacks, hydraulic jacks, trolleys & trolley clamps, and lifting trucks. Whether you need to lift or handle loads manually or with power, we have the right solution for you.

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What are the Types of Hoisting Equipment?

Versatile and convenient, manual hoists are an effective solution for lifting and moving heavy objects. By using a ratchet or hand-chain-operated system, manual hoists can be easily operated by one person without the need for complex machinery or power sources. Manual hand chain hoists generally cost less than other solutions, making them ideal for applications involving temporary or infrequent use, low capacities, short lift height, and unavailable power sources.

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Pneumatically driven motors allow air hoists to run non-stop without overheating like electric hoist systems might, making them ideal for high-speed environments with constant starts and stops. Due to their efficient design and power source, air hoists are useful in many heavy-duty commercial and industrial settings, such as manufacturing plants. With the ability to lift up to 100 tons, they provide powerful lifting capabilities while being offered with spark resistant features such as brass or stainless parts. This level of durability makes them ideal for use in even explosion-proof environments.

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Electric hoists are a great option for many applications that lift and lower heavy loads. They provide efficiency and ease of use, with a wide range of types and configurations to meet different application needs. Electric hoists offer many advantages for heavy-duty lifting applications; however, electric hoist motors should be given time to cool between cycles to prevent overheating. This means they cannot be operated continuously. Despite this limitation, electric hoists still provide powerful lifting capabilities with quick speeds for high capacities and long lifts.

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Wire rope hoists are popular in many production environments because they can lift faster, higher, and heavier loads than other types of lifting technology. They employ a wire rope cable that wraps around a grooved drum to perform the lift and can be powered electrically or pneumatically. Furthermore, these hoists can be rated for severe duty classifications — Class D, E, and F cranes.

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Lifting tables are a versatile and safe way to move heavy loads in industrial, warehouse, and manufacturing environments. Employing a scissor-style mechanism to lift or lower, they provide an efficient and effective solution for moving large, heavy loads – ensuring both safety of personnel and the accuracy of product placement.

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Columbus McKinnon's trolleys are versatile, durable, and easy to use in the most demanding lifting and moving applications. Hoists are positioned on a beam or other attachment point with the help of trolleys so they can be safely and easily moved, either manually or with a motor.

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Winches are a powerful tool used to pull heavy objects horizontally over flat or slightly inclined surfaces. They provide an efficient means of relocating loads while saving time and energy. Winch drums are motorized with the use of electrical, pneumatic, or hydraulic power.

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Meet The Smallest Chain Hoist on The Market

The YALE Mini 360° is the smallest hand chain hoist on the market with full 360-degree rotation, providing flexibility and versatility for narrow or challenging applications. The portable, lightweight, and small chain hoist design is ideal for multi-angle applications, allowing the operator to lift from virtually any position. Now available with 3, 6 and 10 meters lifts.

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With a family of trusted global brands, Columbus McKinnon products leverage our company's rich history of industrial manufacturing to revolutionize the future of lifting and motion control.

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