Goliath and Semi-Portal Cranes

Custom-fit solutions when goods need to be moved independently of building structures.


Can be used freely and independently anywhere

Whether outdoors or in a hall – Goliath and semi-portal cranes permit flexible handling of goods. Thanks to their free-standing design, Goliath cranes are completely independent of building structures. This means they can be used in open and outdoor areas, for example in storage areas in front of a production hall. Semi-portal cranes are the ideal and effective solution for feeding workplaces in hall bays, e.g. underneath a large heavy-duty crane, thanks to a combination of overhead travelling crane endcarriages and a portal support. Semi-portal and Goliath cranes are planned individually for your needs and are possible with a wide range of lifting capacities.

Competent local partners, many of whom are certified, plan, produce and install the semi-portal or Goliath cranes with high-quality technology from STAHL CraneSystems. You can find the right contact on our contacts page.


  • Goliath cranes can be used in open areas independently of building structures
  • Resistant to influences in the open air due to coordinated components
  • Semi-portal cranes make it possible to have several production lines next to each other, which can be operated separately and independently of span length
  • Large wheel loads can be transferred easily and directly into the foundation
  • Savings in building structure possible
  • Little floor space required due to narrow endcarriages with angled travel drives
  • CraneKit with collision protection device in endcarriage travel area
  • Various lifting capacities possible
  • Worldwide network of certified partners, crane manufacturers and system builders

By modernising its crane system, Stahlbau Schauenberg increased the logistics capacities of an enlarged external storage facility at its site in Ihringen in southern Baden.


On the shipyard premises, boats are loaded onto trailers, repaired and serviced in the dry, and stored in the boat hall over winter. Using four ST-60 chain hoists, this boat crane can lift yachts weighing up to 25 tonnes out of the water.


Two Goliath cranes are used in the heat of Egypt to carry prefabricated parts, which can weigh up to 140 tonnes each and reach lengths of up to 40 metres.