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Möller Feuerfesttechnik in Germany uses Pfaff-silberlblau BETA EL for height adjusment

BETA EL wire rope winches from Columbus McKinnon Engineered Products for height adjustment of a mobile work platform in industrial refractory furnaces

Metals | Entertainment | Hoisting & Lifting Equipment | Inspection & Maintenance | by Petra Lugner | 29 Sep 2021

Columbus McKinnon Engineered Products has equipped a vertically travelling platform for demolition and lining work in vertical industrial furnaces with BETA EL electric wire rope winches of the Pfaff-silberblau brand so that high loads can be moved safely and reliably in synchronous operation over long stroke lengths. Möller Feuerfesttechnik from Lemgo has developed the Quadriga System® from this to carry out inspection work and refractory installation in vertical industrial furnaces. Since conventional scaffolding is no longer required, the Quadriga can save considerable costs.

Moving large loads of up to 20 tonnes with travel distances of up to 60 metres and ensuring safety place special demands on the lifting equipment here. It has been shown that the BETA EL electric wire rope winches of the Pfaff-silberblau brand from Columbus McKinnon Engineered Products are ideally suited for the synchronous and safe movement of the Quadriga platform.


Repair work with high safety requirements


In refractory plants, the lining with high-temperature materials suffers over time and becomes defective as the materials wear out due to the immense stress they are exposed to. Therefore, inspection and repair work are unavoidable, which is carried out with so-called "lining platforms". The Quadriga is considered the leading solution for this, offering many advantages.

Möller Feuerfesttechnik decided to equip the Quadriga with up to eight BETA EL electric wire rope winches, depending on the diameter of the furnace. The winches have a drum length of 750 mm (grooved) and a rope length of over 60 m (rope diameter 14 mm). The winch motor has a power output of 4.0 kW and can handle tensile loads of 2,500 kg on the first rope layer at a travel speed of almost 10 m/min. Thanks to the on-site control system, all winches run completely synchronously over the entire travel range and keep the platform level.


Numerous options and long service life


All BETA EL electric wire rope winches from Columbus McKinnon Engineered Products ensure trouble-free, safe and durable operation with great smoothness when lifting, pulling and positioning thanks to the low-maintenance spur gear. Thanks to numerous options, they can be individually configured, offer outstanding reliability and longevity. The BETA EL wire rope winches used in the Quadriga are IP55 rated and feature two-contact gear limit switches, an absolute encoder, PTC motor protection and a spring-applied disc brake.

All development objectives achieved

Quadriga combines multiple objectives: maximum safety for personnel, shorter downtimes, considerable cost savings and efficient processes. From demolition to lining, Möller Feuerfesttechnik can implement practically everything single-handedly with this inspection platform. The Quadriga is already being used for robotic and remote-controlled demolition work and as a mobile working platform for inspection as well as relining. Further development of the system to enable vertical concrete spraying (shotcreting) and welding is already underway.

Watch the video clip by Moeller grouo and see the Quadriga in action 

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BETA EL electric wire rope winches of the Pfaff-silberblau brand from Columbus McKinnon Engineered Products are ideally suited for the synchronous and safe movement of the Quadriga platform (Source: Möller Feuerfesttechnik)

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BETA EL wire rope winches from Pfaff-silberblau for height adjustment of the mobile working platform (Source: Möller Feuerfesttechnik)

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Height-adjustable Quadriga platform for inspection work and refractory installation in vertical industrial furnaces (Source: Möller Feuerfesttechnik)

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