Spare parts

Everything from one source!

Many spare parts are available immediately ex stock and can be shipped worldwide by express upon request. A safe and reliable processing of your order is thus ensured.

Our qualified service staff will be happy to assist you for the professional installation of the spare part and the optimal setting of your system.

The following points help us to find your spare part as quickly as possible:

  • Material
  • Confirmation number
  • Order number
  • Verification number
  • Year of construction


Call us directly at +49 8233 2121 8150 or send us a picture of the desired spare part by e-mail to:

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Sicher, gewissenhaft und schnell!
Unser qualifiziertes Personal repariert Ihre defekten Geräte in unserem Servicecenter unter Verwendung von Original-Ersatzteilen. Die Geräte werden nach jeder Reparatur auf Sicherheit geprüft. Die Rückgabe des reparierten Gerätes in Top-Zustand erfolgt innerhalb eines Zeitraums von maximal 3-5 Tagen.
Mit einem umfassenden qualifizierten Service für Hebezeuge und Krane bieten wir folgenden Leistungsumfang, von den gesetzlichen Inspektionen bis hin zum Komplettservice:
  • Beratung
  • Planung und Montage
  • Wartung
  • Überholung
  • Instandsetzung
  • Ersatzteilversorvgung
  • Inspektion durch qualifiziertes Personal
  • Bestimmung der Lebensdauer


Rufen Sie uns direkt unter +49 8233 2121 8150 an oder senden Sie uns Ihre Anfrage per E-Mail an: 

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Customer service for inspection | maintenance | UVV

We take care of your safety!

We are a reliable and competent partner for the inspection, maintenance and UVV of your products.
We are also happy to carry out the necessary safety test in accordance with the Accident Prevention Ordinance of your lifting technology. The inspection service of the Accident Prevention Code is a very important part of maintenance and repair and is carried out in accordance with the legal guidelines. The inspection assesses the actual condition of your equipment such as cranes, hoists, lifting tables, screw jacks as well as their components and functions.
This safety-related test in accordance with the Accident Prevention Ordinance may only be carried out by qualified specialists and must be carried out annually on the exact cut-off date. - We will automatically remind you of this date!
Our qualified colleague is already on his way!
Call us directly at +49 8233 2121 8150 or send us your request by e-mail to:

Installation and Commissioning

From the consultation to the product up to the installation!

We perform assemblies competently and professionally and are pleased to provice advice in advance. Release from duties as commissioner for CE conformity.

We are happy to answer your questions!

Call us directly at +49 8233 2121 8150 or send us your request by e-mail to:

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Maintenance contracts

Planning Security and Reliable!
The maintenance and inspection of your system is carried out once a year by our qualified personnel.
Your benefits:
• Monitoring of the operational capability 
• Damage detection in advance
• Repair may thus take take place immediately
• Claims assessment at an ealry stage
• Consultation on site through experienced service technicians
• Appointment arrangement through Columbus McKinnon Engineered       Products and Rail & Road.
The individual service contract provides security for compliance with legal requirements. This provides planning security for both sides.
Please call us at +49 8233 2121 8150 or send us your e-mail to:

Here you will find all regulations for operational safety!

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