Duff-Norton Assists High-Speed Production of Fine Paper Products

| Power & Motion Technology | by Duff-Norton | 15 Mar 2017


Create a way to maintain proper roll belt tension to ensure the production quality of very fine paper products. As well as, design a steering system to ensure the paper is always centered on the roll during high-speed production.


A turnkey system incorporating a Servo Driven 5-ton Actuator assembly with an embedded load cell for belt tensioning and a Servo Driven 5-ton Actuator assembly steering package were used to center the paper product on the paper machine rollers. In addition four ½-ton jacks all mechanically linked and driven by a hand-wheel were supplied for leveling the system. The key to successful implementation was the ability to make rapid adjustments in both tensioning and steering to ensure high quality fine paper is achieved.

Paper Rolls ready for press

Finished Paper Rolls ready to load onto a printing press.


  • Single turn-key source of supply for all components (actuators, servo motors, load cells, shafting, coupling, pillow blocks, hand-wheels, etc.) engineered to meet customer defined production demands.
  • A robust system flexible enough for ever-changing high-speed production demands
  • High reliability across a long service life.
  • A low noise solution meeting personnel environment requirements
  • Eliminating the need for hydraulic components that could potentially contaminate the product, and increase down-time.