Bottled Beverage Conveying System

Chemical Food Processing | Manufacturing | Power & Motion Technology | by Julie Roth | 01 Feb 2017


Meeting the demand for a variety of bottle sizes to fit the vast array of packaged soft drinks and bottled waters can place an extreme challenge on bottlers to quickly change from one package size to another. This forced them to find way to enhance beverage production flexibility by modifying the feeder system to handle different size (height) beverage plastic bottles. The entire conveying system needed to have precise adjustments in height to resolve the various size bottles used when changing from one size product to another.



Since the jacks did not come in contact with the beverage, stainless steel was not required, but food grade grease was required due to the proximity to the production product. Linking a set of 4-ton M2555 Screw Jack actuators provided the mechanism needed to allow the operator to adjust for different bottle heights.



• Key to success in this production environment was providing a reliable solution across a long service life to prevent unplanned downtime.

• Quick production profile changes between the various packaging sizes, and also accommodating potential future changes in product size.

• Design simplicity, providing only a few moving parts that can be quickly adjusted based upon a single input to meet production demands.


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