FABA® 100 Conductor Rail System

Conductor Bar Systems

Effective May 1, 2022, Columbus McKinnon will be discontinuing its line of FABA Conductor Rail Systems. While this change officially goes into effect in May, this product will only be available until our inventory is depleted. Parts will remain available while supplies last. As part of this change, we will also discontinue repair services effective June 1, 2022.

The lifeline for Monorail Systems. The rapid growth of just-in-time production and delivery practices has increased demand for more productive, continuous workflows. To meet this demand, Magnetek offers FABA-100, the compact conductor rail for today's electrified monorail systems.

Features & Benefits


Designed to ensure maximum protection against accidental electrical contact, the conductor rail system is enclosed in impact-resistant PVC housing which is non-flammable and chemically resistant against most volatile materials. The system provides further security through the use of sturdy plastic hangers and collector arm components. Plus, conductor rails are available in different colors to provide visual identification of power, ground, neutral, communications and other pathways for safe and efficient trouble-shooting. FABA meets European safety standards for finger-safe construction.


FABA's specially designed, compression spring-loaded collector shoes won't jump out of the rails as other designs allow. This ensures continuous electrical contact and maximum load control. FABA also provides reliable performance in both indoor and outdoor applications. And, since FABA does not require chains, belts, or other moving parts, it virtually eliminates the need for maintenance. Even our collector shoes can provide thousands of hours of use before replacement is required.


FABA is designed to work with systems of all types for continuous flow production, such as monorails, workstations, automated systems and more.

Installation is easy, with parts that fit together in a simple, intuitive way. FABA provides flexibility; taking power up, down, under, over, around- wherever it's needed in virtually any direction, level, or work area imaginable. FABA use ranges from carrier only applications to part of a fully automated, computer controlled system managing multiple workloads simultaneously.

FABA 100 Design Features

  • Conductor bar is enclosed in an impact resistant PVC housing
  • Conductor bar insulating sleeve is flame resistant and self-extinguishing
  • Meets European Finger Safe Standards (IP 2x)
  • Conductors are available in different colors to provide visual identification of power, ground, neutral, communications and other pathways for safe and efficient troubleshooting.
  • Compression spring loaded collector shoes ensure better continuous electrical contact and precise system control Conductor bar is rated at 100 Amp
  • Collector assemblies available from 20 Amp to 50 Amp ratings
  • Standard hangers available for most AMS profiles: 180mm x 60mm profiles - maximum 8 conductors 240mm x 80mm profiles - maximum 12 conductors
  • Maximum traveling speed of 1312 ft/min (400m/min)
  • Standard conductor bar rated for - 30°C to + 55°C ambient operating environments. (High temperature conductor bar for up to 80°C is available on a special order basis.)