Marine Terminal I-Beam Festoon

Electric Festoon Kits

Magnetek’s I-Beam Festoon Systems are perfectly suited for your marine terminal crane. They are designed for heavy-duty applications operating in a harsh environment.

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits


  • Standard 4" diameter trolley wheel
  • Trolleys are manufactured from low carbon steel and hot-dipped galvanized
  • Clamps are supplied to secure cable
  • Capacity of non-flanged trolley wheel (with side guide wheels)
    • 1000 lbs. @ 400 ft./min.
    • 800 lbs. @ 600 ft./min.
  • Urethane coated wheels
  • Custom sizes available
  • Stainless steel construction available

Cable Organizers

  • Cable tie organizers – steel strips with a row of holes that can be used on the bottom of cable loops with heavy-duty nylon cable ties
  • Bulk cable organizers – steel cable clamp used on the bottom of cable loops

Cable Protectors

The proper use of tow chains, tow cable and shock cords may be necessary to protect festoon cable from impact and acceleration forces.

Whatever your requirements, Magnetek can provide the power and control you need in an I-Beam Festoon System.