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Pfaff-silberblau SHE worm gear screw jacks handle heavy loads in construction machines from Linnhoff & Henne

By | Jun 05, 2018

The Pfaff-silberblau SHE-series worm gear screw jacks from Columbus McKinnon Engineered Products, Kissing, ensure reliable operation in the latest pavers of the global mechanical engineering company Linnhoff & Henne. Only two worm gear screw jacks are required to handle the forces of 400 kN produced during the mechanical laying of mastic asphalt. The screw jacks featuring self-locking, grease-lubricated trapezoidal screws can be positioned very precisely at speeds of 150 mm/min thanks to a high ratio (32:1) and a stroke of 0.5 mm per revolution. The pavers from Linnhoff & Henne thus enable large-scale paving on car parks, bridges, roads, footpaths, multi-storey car parks and halls.

High demands on machine asphalt laying

Pavers are used for the mechanical laying of mastic asphalt. They compact the mix evenly over the entire paving width to produce a closed and level path. In order to be able to lift loads of up to 40 tonnes, Linnhoff & Henne was looking for suitable worm gear screw jacks and opted for the SHE series from Pfaff-silberblau due to the high load capacity, reliability and excellent mounting options. Thanks to the robust housing and case-hardened and ground worm-drive shaft, the SHE screw jack element reliably and durably withstands high loads.

A Pfaff-silberblau SHE worm gear screw jack with a stroke of 1300 mm is located on each side of the paver or chassis. The B configuration (screw-on-sided screw) ensures optimum load distribution and offers good mounting options. For example, the travelling nut can be easily integrated into the customer-supplied receptacle, whilst serving as the linear guide with optimal (tensile) loading direction. A flexible protection boot and the robust housing reliably protect the screws against the effects of weather and dirt ingress in the harsh conditions of asphalt laying.

Just two worm gear screw jacks for all possible paving widths

Headquartered in Stadtoldendorf, Germany, Linnhoff & Henne develops and produces machinery for the transportation and laying of mastic asphalt. For laying asphalt and applying chippings in one operation, the pavers can also be designed with an integrated chipping spreader. The paving width can be determined by the number of variably replaceable paver bodies. Paving widths up to 14 m with chipping are possible with the Pfaff-silberblau worm gear screw jacks. For driving the machine, a wheeled chassis can be used for small and medium-sized pavers without chipping, or a 2 or even 4-track crawler type chassis for large pavers with an integrated chipping spreader. The SHE 25  worm gear screw jacks support all expansion stages.

Further information on worm gear screw jacks of the Pfaff-silberblau brand from Columbus McKinnon Engineered Products is available online at

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Caption 1: Paver from Linnhoff & Henne with 4 crawler tracks (Source: Linnhoff & Henne)

2018 PR05 Psb  SHE Linnhoff&Henne.jpg

Caption 2: Pfaff-silberblau screw jack SHE 25  for raising and lowering the paver (Source: Linnhoff & Henne)


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