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With our unique regeneration technology, Columbus McKinnon helps you maximize energy savings without having to replace costly power equipment. Whether your concern is saving or regenerating energy, you need products that you can trust to get the job done right. With a 135 year track record of providing high-quality solutions, Columbus McKinnon has the expertise to develop lifting and moving systems to meet your specific energy requirements for new installations and modernizations. Designed with reliability and serviceability in mind, our portfolio of products have the functionality to feed excess energy back to the power source, providing operational efficiency, streamlined equipment, and seamless performance. 



Benefits of Using VFD Controls on Your Crane or Hoist

In the material handling industry, variable frequency drive controls are often used in electric hoists as well as in overhead cranes and lifting systems. Drives are designed around a microprocessor, which allows for the creation of programmable functions for specific applications.

Overhead Crane

Economist Building Achieves 66% Energy Savings

Existing DC motor generator controlled elevator systems were inefficient, consuming 66kWh/day per lift. Three Magnetek brand Quattro® AC Elevator Drives, configured in permanent magnet motor control operating mode, were installed due to their low energy consumption.


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By replacing antiquated elevator motor controls with Magnetek brand energy-saving Quattro DC adjustable speed drives with clean utility side harmonics and regenerative technology, the CityCenter Building elevators are today able to achieve 38 percent daily energy savings based on an average of 500 runs per day by each car.

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Read more about Coffing brand EC-HL “Wind Turbine” Models, providing extended lift ability and duty service for high lift applications which require hoisting heights that can reach 300 feet.

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How Much Will Regenerative Technology Save You?

Our regenerative elevator drive technology is designed to help transform your building into a facility that measures up to modern buildings in functionality, comfort, and energy savings. But, how can you accurately calculate how much energy-and money-regenerative drives can save you on your next project? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

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