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Material handling and motion control products with special design features for sterile environments, when keeping it clean is a top priority.


The food processing industry often requires a clean working environment where contamination can potentially be catastrophic. At Columbus McKinnon, we’ve developed a range of hoists and motion control products designed to meet the needs of food processing and bottling plants.

With options such as stainless steel chains and hooks, FDA-approved finishes, and specialized chain lubricants, our food-grade hoists and rigging products combine maximum versatility with cleanliness. Whether you're moving storage containers or repairing production equipment, our products help move and lift your goods while ensuring a clean and sanitary environment.

We provide complete control systems used in food production. By automating processes, these systems can help limit contamination, ensure consistent quality, reduce waste, and increase efficiency and control. Also, our linear actuators play a pivotal role in helping ensure the systematic and orderly working of machines in production processes. 

From cleanrooms and bottling lines to food packaging plants, Columbus McKinnon products can help.

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Food Processing Solutions by CMCO

Our Dorner brand conveyors have the ideal food grade conveyor system for your manufacturing or handling facility. From in-feed and out-feed applications to cooling and inspection solutions, our reliable food grade conveyors will help you get the job done quickly, efficiently, and safely.

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Columbus McKinnon offers a complete line of clean room hoists and rigging and conveyor solutions designed to meet the needs of the food and beverage industries. With options including stainless steel chain and hooks, FDA approved finishes, and food-grade chain lubricants, we have everything you need to move and lift your goods.

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Garvey, a Columbus McKinnon brand, specializes in providing high-quality bottle conveyor systems and accumulation tables designed to enhance efficiency, reduce downtime, and improve overall productivity.

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Featured Food Processing Product & Case Studies

Whether your work area includes high humidity, corrosive materials, or requires sanitary conditions, the Lodestar offers superior efficiency and versatility. From its stainless steel load chain to its sealed, weather-proof construction, the Lodestar exceeds the standards necessary for cleanroom operation.

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Producing baby formula is no easy task especially when considering equipment maintenance in a clean room environment. See how one baby formula maker used a specialized Chester Hoist to keep their facility a clean room environment.

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Meeting the demand for a variety of bottle sizes to fit the vast array of packaged soft drinks and bottled waters can place an extreme challenge on bottlers to quickly change from one package size to another. To address this challenge, a beverage product facility relied on Duff-Norton screw jacks to modify its feeder system to accommodate different sized plastic bottles.

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