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Whether aiding in the repair of a military plane or lifting a bridge to prevent damage during inclement weather, Columbus McKinnon products are used for applications, both big and small, in the aerospace and government industries. With a full line of products, ranging from actuators to radio controls, our solutions are designed with precision and efficiency in mind.

Columbus McKinnon control systems are used in the manufacturing, maintenance and repair of commercial and military planes, military vehicles and even spacecraft. Our hoists, cranes and automated lifting systems help ensure aerospace and defense equipment production is efficient and on schedule, while reducing the risk of human error. Our mechanical actuators can be used to lift repair platforms and equipment.

We also supply drives, radio controls and linear actuators that allow for quick action when safety is on the line, whether you need to lift a security barrier, lower bulletproof glass or raise a bridge. Columbus McKinnon products get the job done. 

In the demanding environment of aerospace ground operations, precision, reliability, and top-tier quality are not just goals, they're necessities. At the center of these demands lie the unseen heroes: linear actuators. These essential components energize various applications, driving efficiency and safety in everything from satellite dish positioning to ground maintenance equipment.

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The aerospace industry is all about precision, safety, and speed. At Columbus McKinnon, we're here to empower your journey. We offer aerospace automation solutions that streamline production, minimize human error, and enhance equipment efficiency. Our solutions range from hoists, cranes, and automated lifting systems that are designed specifically for manufacturing, maintaining, and repairing commercial and military aircraft and spacecraft.

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How are Control Systems Used in the Aerospace Industry?

Control systems used in the aerospace industry are subject to stringent requirements. Above all, they must be robust, reliable, and precise. More specifically, we’re talking about precise positioning of large and often unwieldly components. Duff-Norton is one Columbus McKinnon brand helping to address these challenges. 


Brands Serving the Aerospace Industry

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Helping to improve productivity, safety and reliability, the Hoover Dam Power Plant modernized the controls on four 300-ton power plant cranes for the dam. The team relied on Magnetek-brand crane control systems utilizing technologically advanced drives and radio controls.

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Ideal for aerospace applications, the revolutionary ProPath workstation crane combines industry-leading Enclosed Track Aluminum (ETA) rail with “smart” semi- or fully automated material handling technology to improve safety and productivity in your operations.

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