Lifting technology: made ready for strong loads.

Columbus McKinnon | Pfaff-silberblau lifting technology stands for innovative technology for efficient lifting, pulling and positioning of loads. The different designs and options of our rope winches are as diverse as their many uses. Columbus McKinnon lifting technology has proved its worth in industrial and works well under extreme climates, e.g.offshore.

Classical applications are also in goods movement in trade and in stage technology and theaters etc.Pfaff-silberblau have developed the diversity of wire rope winches over decades. Today, the portfolio of manual rope winches for standard applications goes all the way to electro-motor-powered winches. The range of carrying capacity is large. All products share their efficient force transmission, safe operation and high-quality processing.

Columbus McKinnon always keeps an eye on market development and implements products according to current and individual customer demands. More importantly, Columbus McKinnon is in constant communication with customers this promotes improvements on parts and on the modular product range. All of this ensures that the Columbus McKinnon and the Pfaff-silberblau brands will remain synonymous with lifting, turning and moving well into the future.