Taking Hurricane Preparedness to the Next Level: Have Your Tools Ready

What Tools to Have Ready as the 2020 Atlantic Storm Season Rages On

Power and Utilities | Hoisting & Lifting Equipment | Industry News | By | Aug 26, 2020

As we approach the peak of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season, we've seen a record-breaking 12 named storms with more on the way. With tropical storms moving in through the Gulf of Mexico, utility companies throughout the southeast United States are prepping for impact. 

The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is on track to become the busiest on record. With the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging global supply chains, Utility centers are taking hurricane preparedness to the next level. 

Along with standard tropical storm preparations, utility companies must comply with another layer of safety to combat COVID-19. Safety measures related to the pandemic delay utility restoration in affected areas, especially where storms hit hardest. Utility centers must have the necessary tools readily available before these storms hit to prepare for the worst. So what tools are most important to have on hand?


Lineman's Lever Strap Hoists

Lever strap hoists are designed for lifting and pulling loads specific to utility applications. The Little Mule Lineman’s Strap Hoists are designed for rugged use, built with safety and dependability in mind. The 300A and 344C models both feature a non-conductive fiberglass handle with polyester webbing for proper hot line handling techniques.

These hoists are constructed with cast aluminum frames, corrosion-resistant stainless-steel or plated springs, and plated steel shafts that will stand up in all-weather conditions. All rotating shafts are mounted on bronze bushings for smooth operation.

All hooks swivel 360° and are equipped with latches and optional hooks with the option to add gates. Double interlocking pawls provide unsurpassed reliability.

When using a lever strap hoist, be sure to conduct frequent and periodic inspections to prevent accidents and product failures.


Wire Grips

To increase efficiency, look for user-friendly wire grips that can be used with a variety of wire sizes and types, reducing the number of grip changes required. Little Mule Wire Grips are among the most flexible and efficient on the market, with large handle eye openings for easy opening, attaching and releasing to prevent lock-ups. Made of forged steel, Little Mule grips are both durable and lightweight, making them ideal for a variety of utility jobs.

When working with wire in utility applications, safety is of utmost importance. Always be sure to review the proper maintenance and inspection of wire grips prior to use, and ensure you're using the right wire grip for your application.


Lever Chain Hoists (Pullers)

Lever chain hoists are used for pulling, stretching, tightening, or positioning loads in a variety of industrial applications, although few are designed with utility applications in mind.

The Coffing G Series ratchet lever hoists are efficient and durable, featuring malleable iron roller chain. Roller chain, often referred to as bicycle chain, can be spliced to create longer lifts and can handle higher capacities than coil chain. G Series hoists are ideal for pole installation and other distribution work.

The single or double locking ratchet and pawl design allow for multiple rigging options, allowing the hoist to be operated from either side. The Coffing G Series works work in any position with equal efficiency. Handle stops prevent the handle from spinning if accidentally released by the operator.


Stocking Up on Supplies

As we pass over the mid-storm season mark and ready for the next round incoming tropical storms, now is the time to stock up on utility tools. Columbus McKinnon continues to serve utility workers with a full range of utility-specific products alongside a full range of powered and manual hoists, chain, and rigging attachments for the general industrial market.

Our Application Product Specialists will gladly help with any product or application-related questions. Contact us or find a distributor to restock your utility products.