SHW 8 Winch
SHW 8 Winch

SHW 8 Winch

SHW 8 Winch
SHW 8 Winch

The SHW 8 winch program is based on the tried-and-tested SH wire rope hoist programme and is designed for the high-load bracket up to 250,000 kg. Its strong hoist motors and robust, low-maintenance design make it ideal for tough everyday use.

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Thousands of proven series components of the SH series
  • Modular design for economical individual solutions, easy transport and fast assembly
  • Versatile drive technology meets demanding specifications: 3 lifting motors up to 38 kW with two speeds in a ratio of 1:6 and 6 lifting motors up to 98 kW and infinitely variable speed control
  • All travel drives with smooth start-up behaviour
  • Overload shutdown is already preset during production
  • Compact height due to innovative design of the cable drive


The Winds SHW



Language: English

Size: 21 x 25 cm

Pages: 16 pages (4 colours)

SHW 8 Winch

This SHW 8 winch is designed for particularly high speeds and equipped with tool grippers.


The SHW 8 winch is particularly easy to maintain, and its clear design makes it easier for the service technician to access all important components.


The modular design of the SHW 8 winch makes it possible to transport the winches in individual parts and to quickly assemble them on site.