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Regular maintenance extends the service life of your devices and reduces the risk of accidents and injuries. We do it for you!
Maintenance & Repair
We are convinced that an experienced and competent sales force is a key factor in a long-term and successful business relationship. In a face-to-face meeting, a wide range of concerns can be discussed and in some cases clarified immediately.
We conducta wide variety of seminars in our training center in Wuppertal. Not only product training is offered, but also seminars that provide the participant with up-to-date insider information and in-depth knowledge of how to use rope, lifting and anchoring technology.
We see it as an important part of comprehensive customer service to keep you informed about important developments, innovations and regulations relating to material handling. Do you also want to use this service?
Our product videos contain many useful tips for the correct use and maintenance of our devices.
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yale dam
Yale Expertise

Yale Hoist Used in Raising of Hazelmere Dam Wall in South Africa

Learn how a Yale CPE 10-ton electric chain hoist was used to set up the tensioning head of steel wire cables to stabilize the wall of the Hazelmere dam.

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About us

COLUMBUS McKINNON Industrial Products GmbH is known for a market and quality-oriented business and product policy.

Columbus McKINNON Industrial Products GmbH is characterized by strong product brands and Europe's leading market position in the field of standard manual hoists.


Historical highlights

The registered trademark Yale® goes back to Linus Yale jr.

  • Linus Yale Jr. and Henry R. Towne establish Yale and Towne Manufacturing Co. in 1868​
  • Start of hoist production 1875​
  • In 1879, a Yale engineer, Thomas Weston, invented the Weston Screw Brake which is industry standard today.​
  • Yale Lift Trucks begins production in 1920​
  • Yale starts the production of the Original Pul-lift in 1936 and have sold over 1 million units​
  • Yale Industrial Products Ltd. is founded in Telford, UK 1985​
  • Yale is acquired by Columbus McKinnon Corp., Amherst 1996 . ​
  • Yale Industrial Products Ltd., U.K. acquires Steerman Engineering Ltd. in 1999​
  • Yale acquires Camlok Lifting Clamps Ltd. (formally Deeweld) Chester, UK in 1999​
  • In 2006 Yale, Camlok and Steerman merge and renamed Columbus McKinnon Corporation Ltd.​


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