Regenerative Drives

Our high-performance AC Line Regenerative Systems are ideal for adjustable speed applications that include a high demand braking cycle. These industrial-grade units take surplus regenerative energy from the motor and return it to the AC power source, reducing total energy consumption and improving energy efficiency.


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With a family of trusted global brands, Columbus McKinnon products leverage our company’s rich history of industrial manufacturing to revolutionize the future of lifting and motion control.

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When it comes to dredge cranes — size matters — a lot. This simple fact was substantiated recently when Canada-based TDC Cranes Ltd. commenced construction on the first large AC diesel-electric powered dredge crane ever built in North America—and what was destined to become the largest dredge crane operating in North America.

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Learn more during a FREE 3-day training program starts with an overview of basic drive theory and IMPULSE® products as used in overhead material handling applications. From there we move into programming the IMPULSE®•G+ Mini, and the IMPULSE®•G+ Series 4 drives in both V/F and open loop vector mode.

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