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The new Yale BatteryStar is perfect for mobile use

Use the BatteryStar for events, on construction sites, in mobile assembly projects or for crane building.

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Enables fast and efficient service directly on site. It makes it easier to lift and position heavy equipment so that problems can be rectified immediately and work can continue without interruption.

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On-site installations

Makes on-site repair of event technology simple and efficient. Its mobility and lifting capacity enable technicians to replace damaged components quickly and minimise downtime.

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Supports technicians with repairs directly on site. Its wireless operation and flexibility enable effective and safe repairs so that technical problems can be solved quickly.

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On-the-go maintenance

Enables technicians to carry out maintenance work efficiently and on the move. Thanks to its compact design and lifting capacity, devices can be serviced on site and checked for optimum performance.

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Facilitates the inspection of event technology. Technicians can lift and accurately inspect hard-to-reach equipment without the need for a fixed power source, increasing the safety and reliability of the equipment.

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Service vehicle equipment

A valuable addition to any service vehicle. Its compact size and mobility make it ideal for use on the road, allowing technicians to carry out lifting and installation work efficiently on site.