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Whether molten metal needs to be lifted in a steel mill or a complete crane system is needed in vehicle production, Columbus McKinnon cranes offer the right solution. With a comprehensive portfolio of high-tech crane controls, components, wire rope hoists, crane kits and automation technology, we offer a one-stop solution for intelligent, complete lifting systems.

Customers trust us as crane experts because we combine the power of industry-leading brands such as Magnetek, STAHL CraneSystems, Unified Industries and Yale. Through the interaction of our high-quality components, "intelligent" control products with first-class engineering skills, we can provide customized solutions for the applications and challenges that matter to you.

In the course of changing applications and the growing demand for intelligent automation technology, we continue to rely on our unique expertise in the development of new and innovative crane solutions.

Columbus McKinnon Crane Kits

With a comprehensive portfolio of high-tech crane controls, components, wire rope hoists, and automation technology, we provide everything you need for a complete intelligent lifting system. Our crane components and technology are specially designed to work together for optimal performance, easy integration, and quick installation.

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Automated Systems

At Columbus McKinnon, we are dedicated to accelerating innovation and expanding our portfolio of automation and diagnostic solutions. One way we are doing this is through the development of intelligent automation solutions for new and existing cranes. See how our technology is helping to create the smart cranes of the future.

Crane Kit solutions for all your application requirements

Columbus McKinnon has the Crane kit you need when you need it. Our crane sets consolidate all essential components of a complete crane system into an easy-to-order, assembly and installation package. Available with wire rope or electric chain hoists, you know you're getting high-quality crane components backed by industry-leading service and support.

Crane Kit

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Our automated crane systems are designed to improve safety, uptime and productivity in your facility. Not only does crane automation technology allow you to build safety right into equipment with no-fly zones and off-center pick prevention, it also provides you with real-time data and information that enables you to improve operational efficiency and make smarter decisions, faster.

Explore Our Crane Automation Systems

Columbus McKinnon’s STAHL CraneSystems and Magnetek brands bring more than 20 years of experience in delivering automated systems to the automotive industry. Our high-technology solutions are featured throughout the automotive manufacturing process.

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Featured Brands

With a family of trusted global brands, Columbus McKinnon products leverage our company’s rich history of industrial manufacturing to revolutionize the future of lifting and motion control.

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