Wire rope hoists from STAHL CraneSystems transport screen drums for Machinex in Canada

Machinex is the world’s leading manufacturer, developer and installer of material recovery systems with head­quarters in Québec, Canada.

Crane Systems | Hoisting & Lifting Equipment | by STAHL CraneSystems | 28 Jan 2021

Machinex is the world’s leading manufacturer, developer and installer of material recovery systems with head­quarters in Québec, Canada. In its comprehensive range of high-quality recycling equipment, the MACH Trommel is a key component of modern recycling plants all over the world. The advanced crane technology from STAHL CraneSystems makes it possible to lift the large apparatus stably and safely.

Canada will ban single-use plastic products from 2021 and is therefore a pioneer in the fight against plastic waste. The Canadians also score well when it comes to recycling: in the early 1980s, Machinex was the first Canadian company to manufacture equipment for waste disposal centres. The company quickly conquered the world market with its high-quality systems. Today Machinex operates internationally in the field of state-of-the-art sorting and waste management and develops innovative recycling technologies such as optical scanners and sorting robots.

At the beginning of 2019, a new plant including new crane technology from Künzelsau was built at the company’s head­quarters in Plessisville. The oversized MACH Trommel, a screening plant that weighs up to 30,000 kg, with a diameter of up to 3 m and a length of up to 15.3 m, is produced here. Safe and robust crane technology with high load capacities is essential for moving the heavy drums because lifting and moving the huge recycling components is a real challenge – one which STAHL CraneSystems has mastered.

Two SH 50 wire rope hoists mounted on each of two single girder overhead travelling cranes, each with a span of just under 16 m and a lifting capacity of 20,000 kg, make work easier for the Canadian company. The total of four hoists, each with a lifting capacity of 10,000 kg, can be operated by the customer individually or in tandem mode. A special feature of tandem cranes such as these is the control system: it must be equipped with special circuits that ensure that the cranes run synchronously and guarantee the safety of the entire system in the event of a component failure. The crane system is operated easily by radio: both cranes can be connected for tandem operation via the master switch; the four STAHL CraneSystems wire rope hoists can also be coupled. Thanks to this configuration and the soft start of the SH 50 wire rope hoists, it is also possible to lift and move oversized equipment, such as the MACH Trommel HD, safely and without problems.

The MACH Trommel functions as a screening plant. It enables processing of different material flows in a single system and, used in a recycling plant, offers excellent preparation for subsequent sorting. The effective inner diameter of the MACH Trommel and the opening size of the screen plates vary according to customer requirements and applications, as does the weight of the individual drums. For lower payloads up to 5,000 kg, four ST 32 chain hoists, also installed on two single girder overhead travelling cranes, are used. This means that several work processes can take place simultaneously in the large hall without interfering with each other. The other crane technology also comes from STAHL CraneSystems: the LT 25 and LT 11 bridge crane endcarriages as well as the SD B4 and SD B3 travel drives have been installed in Plessisville, Canada, for almost a year.

Machinex has been a STAHL CraneSystems customer for nine years and owns a total of 16 cranes with lifting capacities of 1,000 kg to 20,000 kg. The Künzelsau specialists for hoisting and crane technology are represented in Canada by CanStahl Inc. CanStahl Inc. has established a stable partnership with the crane building and service company Premium Industrial Group Inc. in Québec since 2009, resulting in competent collaboration along the line: customers can rely on individualised crane technology, building modifications and safe installation of the lifting technology.

Marc-André Martineau, Sales and Branch Manager of Premium Industrial Group Inc. in Québec, is looking forward to future projects with STAHL CraneSystems: “The overhead travelling cranes with double hoists and tandem mode are extremely efficient and the perfect solution when it comes to loading and moving large equipment safely such as the MACH Trommel.”

With friendly support from: Groupe Industriel Premium Inc.


Safe and robust crane tech­nology with high lifting capacities is essential for moving the heavy drums. Four SH 50 wire rope hoists lift the MACH Trommel HD in tandem mode.


A total of four single girder over­head travelling cranes with a span of almost 16 m are installed in the hall. The four SH 50 wire rope hoists each have a lifting capacity of 10,000 kg, the ST 32 chain hoists 5,000 kg. Several work processes can take place simultaneously.