Conveyor line for cleaning tabs - with a combination of modular chain conveyorand belt conveyor

by Columbus McKinnon | 07 Apr 2023

The task for Dorner was to realize a conveyor line downstream of a machine for powder compaction with consideration of a vertical rotation by 180° as well as a separation of the tabs on six tracks to a packaging machine.


In an existing production facility for the manufacture of cleaning tabs for industrial washing machines, a customer's plant section had to be modified. The existing system repeatedly experienced malfunctions, so that a safe production process could no longer be guaranteed.


In order to remove the pressed tabs, which measure approximately 5 x 2 cm, in the correct position after the pressing process in a machine of a manufacturer of cleaning tabs, we first designed a combination of two conveyor systems, a flat belt chain conveyor and a subsequent belt conveyor.


The vertical 180 degree rotation of the tabs after pressing is made possible by a flexible flat belt chain conveyor. The integrated belt conveyor leads onto another conveyor, which transports the material to a part of the line, where the tabs are first separated and further conveyed in 6 rows to a packaging machine.


In particular, Dorner's FlexMove modular chain conveyors are suitable for any conveying application in unit load handling. Whether horizontal or vertical conveying with or without curves, this is made possible by a modular system with a variety of line as well as side guides, profiles in various lengths, widths and shapes. This is also the case here. For this reason, an individualized conveyor line between two machines could be created within a short time.