Yale CPV

Yale Electric Chain Hoist CPV

The CPV electric chain hoist combines modern design with technical innovation. Its robust construction makes it a versatile tool for professional applications. The integrated power limit switches significantly extend the service life of the slip clutch, engine and transmission.

Hoisting & Lifting Equipment | by CMIP | 20 Dec 2020



Yale electric chain hoist with suspension bracket or integrated chassis CPV


Equipment and workmanship

  • Engine group 1 Am/M4 or 1 Bm/M3 (only at 230 V, 1 phase, 50 Hz).
    If necessary (with appropriate load capacity or ED change), the CPV model can also be classified up to the engine group 3m/M6.
  • Main contactor as standard, for increased safety.
  • Increased operational reliability due to 42 V control voltage (contactor control) and an encapsulated control switch in IP 65.
  • 2 years warranty (excluding wearing parts) as well as a gearbox lubricated for life.
  • The electromagnetic spring-loaded brake keeps the load safe even in the event of a power failure.
  • Motors according to VDE 0530 in protection class IP 55, against ingress of dust and water jets.
  • The easily adjustable safety slip clutch is arranged in such a way as to ensure an uninterrupted connection between load and brake.
  • The standard, oil-bath-hardened gearbox with continuous helical toothing ensures particularly smooth running and a long service life.
  • The gearboxes of the models CPV/F 2-8 and 5-4, CPV 2-4 and 5-2 as well as CPV/F 25-8 and 50-4 are closed assemblies with maintenance-free grease lubrication.
  • Suspension bracket for compact dimensions and easy installation in closed eyelet constructions. Optionally, the version with carrying hook is also available.
  • Chain guide made of steel, on the models CPV/F 2-8 and 5-4 as well as CPV 2-4 and 5-2 made of high-strength thermoplastic (POM).


  • Load chain made of rust- and acid-resistant steel (without payload reduction)
  • Niro load hooks on single-tier devices
  • Food-grade gear oil and grease
  • Carrying hooks
  • Flexible chain accumulator
  • Other operating voltages
  • Counters for operating hours and circuits
  • Remote control
  • Synchronous control for operation with multiple devices.
  • Manual or electric chassis.
  • Trailing cables or other types of power supply
  • Connection for crane rail systems


the extensive blog article from our friends at Mountain Productions, Inc.: https://shopmtn.co.uk/blogs/news/choosing-an-electric-hoist

as well as the detailed description at SafetyLiftinGear.com: https://www.safetyliftingear.com/news/post/yale-cpv-electric-chain-hoist


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