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CMCO supports the Regenbogental

CMCO supports the Regenbogental Employees of Columbus McKinnon Hebetechnik GmbH visited the Regenbogental in Leobersdorf in December. With a donation, the company would like to thank Regenbogental for the excellent support it provides to children, young people and adults in times of crisis.

by Keywan Saedmanesh | 21 Dec 2023

Regenbogental is a therapy centre where exclusion has no place.Regenbogental 2023 (3).jpg

The Regenbogental therapy centre supports children and families in crisis and bereavement situations as well as children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. With animals such as horses, llamas, goats etc. as co-therapists, individual strengths are encouraged and new perspectives are created.

The Regenbogental is there for everyone who finds themselves in a difficult life situation. It is very important to address the whole family with the programme and to walk a part of their path together. The diverse range of therapies on offer is therefore aimed at
- Children and young people with chronic or life-threatening illnesses
- Families in bereavement situations
- Children and young people with special needs
- Traumatised children and young people

A joint tour of the three-hectare site gave us a great insight into how therapy with animals and nature can have a positive impact on people.
All the facilities are located on the site. These include the enclosures for the animals, a large indoor riding arena, outdoor manege and exercise fields, a piece of forest for walking the animals, but also for families and children to spend time in nature. There is a large residential unit to provide in-patient care for families, a gym and many communal rooms to provide many types of therapy.

A lot of support is needed to maintain and look after all of this, including staff, of course.
The Regenbogental team consists of many volunteers, therapists, animal carers and staff in organisation and administration. They all do an excellent job and put their heart and soul into their work.

Visit the Regenbogental website to gain an insight for yourself.
We are very pleased that our donation will go to a good cause here and are already looking forward to continuing our collaboration with the Regenbogental.

Regenbogental 2023 (6).jpg
horse riding arena

Regenbogental 2023 (5).jpg

Regenbogental 2023 (8).jpg

Regenbogental 2023 (2).jpg
space for outdoor activities

Regenbogental 2023 (1).jpg
family space