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Celebrating our 25th anniversary as a publicly traded company on NASDAQ

Industry News | by Columbus McKinnon | 23 Feb 2021

In business, there are many measures of success, but few are as impressive as longevity. With a history spanning more than 145 years, Columbus McKinnon has continuously evolved to keep pace with the changing needs of its customers.

Today marks an important day for our Company, as we celebrate our 25th anniversary as a publicly traded company on NASDAQ. This is a testament to our dedicated and hard-working employees and our focus on innovation to solve our customers’ high-value problems. 

From the invention of the Weston Screw Load Brake in the late 1800s to the launch of our Intelli-Crane™ family of automated solutions in 2020, Columbus McKinnon has changed the way people lift, move and position materials throughout history. We will continue to innovate for the future, as we transform into the leading industrial technology company in intelligent motion control.


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