Camlok iclamp CH Image
Camlok iclamp CH Image

Camlok CH Horizontal plate clamps

Lifting Clamps

Camlok iclamp CH Image
Camlok iclamp CH Image
Horizontal lifting gear model CH
Capacity 1000 - 20000 kg/ pair
The CH lifting clamp, when used in pairs, is well-suited for horizontal transport of individual and bundled plates. The clamp is not suited for thin plates that have a tendency to sag during transport.
It is normally used in combination with a two-legged chain sling.
The capacity (WLL) applies to a pair of lifting clamps.
the CH1 clamp is fitted with a single jaw. Serrated teeth on the jaws are a standard option.

Features & Benefits

CH clamps are designed for loading process machines and to lift and transport sheet steel plates in the horizontal position
Clamps are suitable for lifting one plate at a time, or bundles of plates provided the plates are the same width, have straight square sides, and are thicker than 10% of the maximum jaw capacity of the clamp
Clamps have smooth jaws so they can be used on all types of material
The smooth jaws can be replaced with serrated, hardened steel teeth and used on material up to 300 Brinell (32HRc)
Designed to be used with 2 legged slings
CH clamps should never be side loaded
Sold in pairs
Design factor 4:1