Camlok 92 Series plate clamps

Lifting Clamps

Plate clamp with safety lock model 92
Capacity 500 - 3000 kg<br/The jaw can be opened and closed with the locking lever (except for the 92500 0.5 t which uses a positive spring-loaded cam). The safety lock overrides the spring-loaded cam, preventing the clamp from opening even when there is no load.
This plate clamp is service-friendly, making it easy to exchange parts, which are available individually or in kits. Clamp repair is available by the factory, or can be done by certified and experienced staff.
The 92500 is equipped with a safety lock (positive spring-loaded cam), but comes without locking lever.

Features & Benefits

Body of clamp is a bolted assembly
Can be used to lift a plate from the horizontal to vertical position and vice versa through 180º
Clamp jaws and pads are manufactured from high-tensile steel
Fitted with a hold open and lock closed lever. To initiate the self actuating force, a spring is incorporated into the clamp to give an initial bite on the material. If the plate should start to slip during lifting, the cam shape of the jaw turns with the material and increases the gripping force.
The cam handle is ergonomically designed with a flat surface to allow for ease of operation while wearing>protective gloves
The cam handle connects to the cam via a robust hexagon drive
Unlike others, these plate clamps are designed with a sloping slot, which increases the grip on the load when the clamp is in the horizontal position
Design factor 4:1