OmniPulse™ DDC Series 2 Digital DC Drive
OmniPulse™ DDC Series 2 Digital DC Drive
OmniPulse™ DDC Series 2 Digital DC Drive
OmniPulse™ DDC Series 2 Digital DC Drive

OmniPulse™ DDC Series 2 Digital DC Drive

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OmniPulse™ DDC Series 2 Digital DC Drive
OmniPulse™ DDC Series 2 Digital DC Drive
OmniPulse™ DDC Series 2 Digital DC Drive
OmniPulse™ DDC Series 2 Digital DC Drive

The Energy Engineered® OmniPulse DDC Series 2 will improve the performance, safety, and reliability of your DC-operated material handling applications, while minimizing downtime, maintenance expenses, and energy costs. It’s the smart choice in DC control that will provide your facility with an efficient, modern solution.

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Features & Benefits

Efficient Operation

OmniPulse DDC Series 2 employs semiconductor technology, which provides more advanced control of motor speed and torque than costly, inefficient DCCP control. This microprocessorbased, solid-state, four-quadrant, DC-to-DC control is designed for series, shunt, or compound wound DC motors.

Ideal for Contactor Control Replacement

OmniPulse DDC Series 2 is the ideal drop-in replacement for traditional electromechanical control. It eliminates routine and costly contactor tip replacement and reduces energy expenses. It easily interfaces to existing power and control circuitry using the same connection points in a smaller footprint.

Improved Control and Safety

Most importantly, OmniPulse DDC Series 2 will improve safety in your facility. It provides failsafe torque proving and load control firmware, ensuring operators always have control of material.

Minimized Downtime and Improved Serviceability

OmniPulse DDC Series 2 is designed with comprehensive firmware that provides superior customization and allows for quick parameter changes to meet changing production needs. These parameters allow the drive to compensate for the mechanical timing of the crane or DC application, increasing brake life and plant efficiency. Free firmware upgrades, which are easily flashed from a PC, are available on

Easy Data Access and Configuration

OmniPulse DDC Series 2 comes standard with Magnetek’s DataLogger Series 4 (DLS4) keypad, which allows you to easily access run, alarm, and fault histories, drive parameters, and drive trending data. Compatible with IMPULSE®•Link 5 Software, the DLS4 makes setup and troubleshooting simple. Setup and parameter structures use familiar terminology, and the DLS4 allows you to configure drives and record data all in one device.

X-Press Programming™

X-Press Programming automatically configures several commonly used parameters and features when a motion or speed reference is selected. The DataLogger keypad, plus X-Press Programming, provides quick and easy setup similar to our IMPULSE variable frequency drives.

Flexible Control and Remote Monitoring with Ethernet/IP Connectivity

Ethernet/IP communications make it easy for you to control and remotely monitor one or multiple drives simultaneously. OmniPulse DDC Series 2 gives you the flexibility to control your drive via Ethernet and remotely monitor your drive anytime, anywhere. This gives you complete control of the drives in your facility, along with easy access to real-time monitoring. The Ethernet/IP assembly and class objects are easy to understand and fully detailed in the technical manual.

24/7 Service and Support

OmniPulse DDC Series 2 is backed by superior application expertise and aftermarket support - available 24/7/365!

Compact, Modular Design

  • Nearly 50% smaller volume than typical contactor controls
  • Eliminates the need for acceleration resistors and contactors, reducing space and weight on the crane
  • Flexible construction offers easily accessible front wired components
  • OmniPulse DDC Series 2 has the same footprint as previous models

Flexibility and Performance

  • DataLogger monitors performance and keeps your system up and running:
            - Logs 5000 Run events, 400 Alarm events, and 400 Fault events
            - Monitors over 50 items (Amps, Volts, RPMs, hours, etc.)
  • Diagnostic LEDs
  • Optional closed loop with tachometer feedback - 0.1% speed regulation
  • Programmable smooth acceleration and deceleration for repeatable speed control
  • Numerous safety circuits provide maximum protection of personnel and components
  • Solid-state design eliminates wearable parts and reduces maintenance time
  • Programmable digital inputs for travel limits (slowdown and stop)
  • Encoder feedback allows for electronically programmable limit switches (EPLS)