Connecting shaft GX



Speed range: n= 1500 min-1
Operating temperature: max. 150 °C
Shock and vibration damping, compensation of axial, radial, angular misalignments

Features & Benefits

Connecting shaft GX range are used to link individual drive-system elements to a centrally driven lifting system as a whole.
They dampen vibrations and sudden impackts, comensate axial, radial and angular desplacements and can be used up to critical speed without pillow blocks.
The fitting of pillow blocks allows the shaft lenkgt to be doubled or further mulitplied, althought a limit of 6m is imposed with one-piece-configuration due to the standard lengths of tube normally available.

For different configurations are avialable for various speed ranges and requirements.

GX range:
Rotary speed range: n= 1500 min-1
Operating temperature: max. 120°C

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