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Bucket Control Software image

Bucket Control Software

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Bucket Control Software image
Bucket Control Software image
Bucket Control custom software application will save you money by eliminating the need for a PLC or additional external logic.

You will also save time when replacing wire ropes by utilizing the built-in Electronic Programmable Limit Switch function, making this a much quicker and easier task.

Features & Benefits

This custom software can be used with IMPULSE®•VG+ Series 4 drives to control multi-line clamshell or grapple buckets that utilize a loading/closing hoist. Although the open and hold drive operate independently, the software lets you control the various motions of the bucket without the need for a PLC.

It features Bucket Position Indication, providing the operator with the open/close status of the bucket while dredging (underwater) or the bucket just isn’t visible. This is done via analog output from the closing hoist and is received by an analog meter, or by an MMI.

No communication (such as master/slave) is needed.

In order to maintain the bucket in the open position while lowering, both hoists must operate at the same speed. In order to keep a full bucket closed while raising it out of the pile, torque must be proportionally shared between the two hoists.

Use Bucket Control software* to:

  • Lower an open bucket
  • Close the bucket on a pile
  • Raise a closed bucket
  • Raise an open bucket
  • Stop with a loaded bucket
  • Perform horizontal winch applications

*Requires a Uni-Polar Analog Master Switch or Multi-Step Digital Speed/Torque References

Note: Because customers may not be familiar with programming application specific software of this nature, Magnetek strongly recommends and may in some cases require that the purchaser use Magnetek’s Field Service Personnel for initial startup as part of the purchase. Please consult factory for additional information.