IMPULSE®•D+ Regenerative Drive

AC Line Regenerative Control Systems


The IMPULSE•D+ is a high-performance Active Front End regeneration unit in a chassis drive layout.

Magnetek’s high performance AC Line Regenerative Systems are ideal for adjustable speed applications that include a high demand braking cycle. These industrial grade units take surplus regenerative energy from the motor and return it to the AC power source, reducing total energy consumption and improving energy efficiency.

ETO AC Line Regenerative Application Questionnaire

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

AC Regenerative Systems are an ideal solution for:

  • High duty cycle cranes
  • Large cranes that benefit from eliminating resistor banks for each motion
  • Severe duty dusty, wet, or volatile environments

AC Regenerative Systems provide:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Cost savings - power is recycled instead of wasted
  • Eliminate wiring and maintenance of dynamic braking resistors

IMPULSE•D+ Benefits

The IMPULSE•D+ is a high-performance Active Front End regeneration system in a chassis-mount layout.  The Active Front End technology allows the IMPULSE•D+ to minimize input current harmonics to facilitate IEEE 519 requirements and provide a consistent DC bus voltage for the connected VFDs. Multiple VFDs can be connected to the common DC bus. IMPULSE•D+ is available as a component kit, which can be easily integrated into a control panel. Combining the IMPULSE•D+ with IMPULSE variable frequency drives will provide you with the most energy efficient, durable, and feature-rich crane control system available.

    IMPULSE•D+ Kits Include:

    • D+ Regenerative Converter Unit
    • Input Reactor(s)
    • Harmonic Filter Module or Harmonic Filter Kit