Maintenance & Repair

Regular maintenance extends the service life of your equipment and reduces the risk of accidents or injuries.

The BetrSichV stipulates that products must be tested before each use and at least once a year. How often a device is actually to be tested depends on the conditions of use and the operational regulations, so it may be that tests can also take place at shorter intervals. This must be done by a qualified person and documented accordingly.

We'll do it for you!


Our services:

  • Repair of products of the brands Yale and Pfaff-silberblau, but of course also of products of all other brands (except personal protective equipment).
  • Annual audit according to DGUV regulation 54 (BGV D8), DGUV regulation 100-500 (BGR 500), DGUV regulation 68 (BGV D27), personal protective equipment DGUV rule 112-198 (BGR 198) and DGUV regulation 112-199 (BGR 199).
  • Calibration of pallet trucks with weighing system of the Pfaff-silberblau brand and calibration of crane scales.
  • Order-related conversions of existing products.


Regular maintenance is important so that:

  • Sudden failure of your hoists, lifting accessories and slings due to cracks or other damage is prevented.
  • Timely hidden defects such as e.B wear and tear are detected and eliminated so that the devices are ready for use in the long term and safely!
  • Wear parts, e.B. brake discs, are replaced before the function is impaired.


Our service for you:

  • In our workshop we repair all common branded products. As part of this service, we organize the entire process and ensure a professional repair of the work equipment. This ensures that your time and effort is minimal and that the devices can be used productively again quickly.
  • Qualified employees, as well as the technical specialist trade, guarantee proper and professional advice.
  • Our logistics with worldwide distribution enables short delivery times and international availability.



  • Our business and goods issue times can be found here.


The Columbus McKinnon Industrial Products GmbH produces worldwide according to uniform controlled standards of DIN EN ISO 9001. This guarantees our business partners clear standards in design and development, production, assembly and customer service. Should you have any reason to complain about any of our products, please inform us before returning the product to us, we will gladly organize the return shipment for you.

Within the warranty period as well as with selected products, we can simply organise the pick up of the product, otherwise we will gladly give you contact details for a service partner in your area.
In order to make the processing of return shipments as quick and easy as possible for you, we have summarized the process in three steps:

  • Call and get the CMCO return delivery note via email
  • Print CMCO Return Delivery Note
  • Apply CMCO return delivery note to the outisde of the package


Lieferschein Retouren - Muster

This simple procedure applies to returns from warranty, for service deliveries and for other return shipments. If the goods are to be returned directly by your end customer, the CMCO return delivery note should be forwarded to your end customer.

Please note that items can only be returned within the first 14 days after receipt and with our consent, in original condition and undamaged.

In the case of transport damage, confirmation of the damage by the carrier is required for insurance reasons. In case of such damage, please inform the logistics partner immediately and refuse acceptance if necessary.

In the case of a fault of the buyer or an unjustified complaint, we unfortunately have to charge the costs of the return accordingly to the customer. In case of storage and inspection costs, we will deduct 20% in the credit note.

Unfortunately, for organizational reasons, we can no longer accept return shipments without a corresponding CMCO return delivery note!


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