The development of crane technology

1898 The first large, electric gantry crane is manufactured. It has a load capacity of 12.5 t with a wingspan of 11.5 m.
1964 The first complete range of standard cranes is developed. Typing and standardization enable rational production at a high level.
1984 Introduction of the KT 2000 small crane system. This sophisticated modular system of rails, hoists, chassis, etc. can be used flexibly for simple applications and for automated material flow solutions.
1991 Capacity doubling at the Ettlingen crane plant through innovative process technology.
2006 A new era begins: The innovative crane technology with practical conductor line, i.e. without movable cables, is presented and introduced on the market.
2010 The new concept, CraneKits for crane builders, keeps the planning effort manageable and makes order processing effective and economical.
2013 Introduction of the small crane systems KS and KA.