The development of chain hoists

1903 The first electric chain hoist with round link chain is developed and included in the program. At the same time, the craft business is converted to industrial production.
1919 The production of the electric chain hoist with the patented steel coil, a novel, multi-sided flexible threaded chain, is started.
1950 The Elektus is the world's first portable, electric micro chain hoist. It has an innovative round link chain, a planetary gearbox and a push-button control bulb.
1982 Introduction of the T series with a load capacity of 150 to 4,000 kg.
1997 The new generation: The ST chain hoist series is added to the range and gradually replaces the T series. The patented suspension directly on the chain guide makes the ST chain hoists unique.
2003 The explosion-proof ST Ex chain hoist is introduced.
2012 The 10,000th ST 50 chain hoist leaves the factory.
2013 Introduction of the newly developed SC chain hoist series with innovative arrangement of brake, slip clutch and motor on one axle.
2017 The STx chain hoist: sophisticated technology – prepared for the future.