"Explosion-proof hoists"

In addition to technical skills, the maintenance and repair of explosion-protected apparatus requires basic knowledge on the dangers arising from explosive atmospheres and comprehension of current explosion protection directives. With nearly 100 years of experience in developing explosion-protected hoists, STAHL CraneSystems has comprehensive experience in this field. This seminar provides instruction both on the construction of our explosion-protected products and safety-relevant components and specialised knowledge relating to explosion protection in compliance with European ATEX directives.

  • Construction of explosion-protected wire rope and chain hoists
  • Construction of explosion-protected components
  • Maintenance and repair of hoist and travel motors
  • Temperature control for Zone 1 and Zone 21
  • Maintenance of explosion-protected panel boxes in Ex de design
  • Maintenance and adjustment of overload devices
  • Electrical installation of hoists
  • Equipotential bonding acc. to DIN VDE 0100 part 200
  • General maintenance instructions



In-house maintenance staff with experience in the maintenance and repair of standard hoists. Good preparation is prior attendance at the combined seminar "Chain Hoist and Wire Rope Hoist". The number of participants is restricted to 10 people.

Seminar duration

  • 1.5-day specialised seminar



You must register for seminars in writing at least three weeks before the seminar begins.

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