BrakeMD® Repair & Recertification Program

We Remake Your Brake

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When you need to have your Mondel Brake repaired, go right to the source, Magnetek.  BrakeMD® is our factory certified brake refurbishment program. Our technicians will rebuild your brake to like-new condition.


  • Includes all types of Mondel Brakes 
    • 200S Industrial Shoe Brakes 
    • 300M AIST Mill Duty Shoe Brakes
    • 400D Heavy Duty Disc Brakes 
    • Custom Engineered Brakes
  • Designed to simplify, streamline and expedite the brake repair process 
  • It’s quick, cost-effective and best of all you get a one year warranty on all brake recertifications/repairs       


Magnetek’s experienced BrakeMD repair team will get your brake back up and running quickly with factory original parts and to factory specifications.


Our experienced repair team will completely disassemble the brake and inspect all parts for wear and damage. All worn or damaged parts will be replaced, and the brake will be reassembled using all new assembly hardware such as nuts, bolts, washers and cotter pins. 

All painted parts will be cleaned and repainted (except actuators). After reassembly, all labels, decals and nameplates will be replaced. 

Upon completion, the brake will be thoroughly tested and recertified to original specifications. 

We also offer modification services. Need to add a hand release, external torque spring, limit switch, etc.? We can do it at the same time as the repair, or as a standalone service. 


Receive a quote immediately by phone. Typical turn-around is 10 days upon receipt of your brake at one of our repair facilities, conveniently located in Menomonee Falls, WI and Mississauga, Ontario.


Call 1-866-MAG-SERV (1-866-624-7378) for more information.


Download the Magnetek BrakeMD Brake Repair and Recertification Program