Duff Norton DWPA Series

DWPA Serie

Duff-Norton Europe presents its new range of Rotary Unions intended mainly for the offset printing and plastics markets.

Duff-Norton Europe continues the expansion of its range of rotating unions with the arrival of the DWPA series intended mainly for the offset printing and plastics markets.

In order to meet the applications of cooling or transfer of water or non-corrosive fluids (unloaded oil), Duff Norton Europe already proposed the series 5000 stainless steel 316L more general. Nevertheless, if the design of the 5000 series perfectly matches the requirements of these markets, its selling price cannot establish themselves on these markets. Now the DWPA series meet this requirement and ranks among the cheapest in the market.

Its aluminium and stainless steel components to convey any type of fluid no Corrosives, responding thus to the majority of the needs of the market. In addition to competitive pricing, the DWPA series offers the following benefits :

In order to meet all needs, the DWPA series is available in stock both for simple models or double passages with connection for tube siphon fixed or rotating.

The DWPA series meet all applications that need to convey a noncorrosive fluid at a maximum pressure of 14 bar, a maximum temperature of 100 °C (not related) and a maximum speed of 3,000 rpm (depending on the operating pressure).

The DWPA series shows the willingness of Duff Norton Europe to better respond to the needs of our customers, offering reliable and dedicated to each application solutions.