Duff-Norton DNCHP Series


At Duff-Norton Europe, we are continuing our efforts to expand our range of rotary unions with the introduction of the DNCHP and DNCHPR series.

These new rotary unions represent an advanced version of Duff-Norton Europe’s current DNTP series, which was specifically designed to respond to the extreme conditions encountered in high-pressure oil engines used in the civil engineering and agricultural sectors.

Significant advances have been made to the performance of the DNCHP series in terms of weight, torque, and service life. Unlike the DNTP series, which was available in an axial model only, this new series offers both axial (DNCHP) and radial (DNCHPR) models. This means that Duff-Norton Europe covers 99% of all needs in these areas.

In another advance, both series (DNCHP & DNCHPR) are now available with BSP and/or NPT threads. Other types of threads are also available on request (including JIC and metric threads, among others).

This means that the DNCHP and DNCHPR series not only meet all of the demands of the relevant sectors, it also makes them one of the most competitive series available on the market.

Made from nickel-plated steel and incorporating composite bearing technology, they allow the transfer of hydraulic fluid at pressures of up to 350 bar coupled with unrivaled service life. Compared to assemblies comprised of 1 or 2 ball bearings, composite bearings allow for improved guiding support for the components as a unit.

Apart from competitive pricing, the DNCHP and DNCHPR series offer the following benefits:

You can obtain the DNCHP or DNCHPR series at any time through our QSP (Quick Ship Program) which ensures delivery within 24 hours.

The DNCHP & DNCHPR series therefore meet the requirements of all applications in which hydraulic oil alone needs to be transported at a maximum pressure of 350 bar and a maximum temperature of 130°C (independently).

The DNCHP and DNCHPR series showcase Duff-Norton Europe’s ongoing commitment to continuously meet the needs of its customers by offering reliable, application-specific solutions.