Duff-Norton DNCH & DNHCR Series

DNHC+ Serie

Duff-Norton Europe introduces its new ranges of rotary unions designed for hose reels on vacuum tankers equipped with high-pressure hydraulic hoses and used for cleaning ducts, drains, septic tanks, and roadways.

In its ongoing efforts to expand its range of rotary unions, Duff-Norton Europe has launched the DNHC and DNHCR series to meet the requirements of applications in which water is transferred at high pressure via hydraulic hose reels on sanitation trucks.

These devices’ carbon steel or 316L stainless steel parts allow them to transfer water with or without additives at a maximum pressure of 350 bar (all dimensions).

These new series are available in both axial (DNHC) and radial (DNHCR) models.

In another key development, these new products are now available with BSP (and soon BSPP with a BS ring) and NPT threads. Other types of threads will also be available on request (including UNF, among others).

Similar to the new series (DWPA and DNRF), the DNHC and DNHCR series represent some of the most cost-effective solutions on the market and offer a number of technical advantages compared to other products out there. Examples of these advantages include the following:

In addition, you can obtain the DNHC and DNHCR series at any time through our QSP (Quick Ship Program) which ensures shipment from our factory within 24 hours.

This not only allows the DNHC and DNHCR series to meet all of the demands of the relevant markets, it also makes them one of the most competitive series out there.