Pharmaceutical Conveyor Solutions


At Columbus McKinnon, our Dorner and Garvey brands offer pharmaceutical conveyor systems designed with precision and control in mind. To meet pharmaceutical companies’ application needs – like high-speed bottle filling or vials containing liquids or lyophilized drugs – these conveyor systems need to maintain a clean environment. Whether you're looking for pharmaceutical conveying systems for accumulating, de-nesting, compressing pills, high-speed bottle filling, blister packaging, sorting, grouping, or transferring, we have what you're looking for.

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Types of Pharmaceutical Conveyors

Temperature-sensitive products, such as vaccines, serums, and tests, typically spend 24-48 hours out of the cold chain during packaging. This temperature excursion can reduce the potency and efficacy of critical medicines. Garvey’s automatic vial drying system can be used to reduce the time out of the cold chain to as little as five minutes. By combining our patented pressureless loop technology with a high-volume laminar flow accumulator, this innovative system enables vials to be dried and single-filed to labelers or inspection machines at a rate of 900 vials per minute, the fastest out-feed rate in the industry. In addition to being highly flexible, this automatic vial dryer can be configured to fit within even the tightest production line layouts thanks to its modular design. This machine has various in-feed and out-feed options, and it can handle products ranging from 2 mL lyophilized vials to 50 mL liquid-filled vials.

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Made of welded stainless steel and FDA-approved belting and plastic components, Dorner's sanitary pharmaceutical conveyors are designed for fast, safe sanitation in any environment. For effective sanitation and less downtime, AquaPruf® models can be disassembled in less than two minutes without tools, so they are 100% accessible for cleaning. In addition to allowing for daily high-pressure washdowns with chlorinated cleaners, this unique design makes AquaPruf® easy to wipe down. These conveyors are designed to meet pharmaceutical industry standards and provide state-of-the-art cleanability, performance, and reliability.

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Pharmaceutical Fulfillment & Packaging

Dorner's FlexMove series provides tremendous benefits to fulfillment and packaging applications within the pharmaceutical space. FlexMove conveyors deliver a straightforward and compact design while maximizing floor space and minimizing noise, maintenance and space. Learn more about the different variations of FlexMove Solutions to meet your application needs.


Garvey's Infinity Rx Accumulator provides a high-speed, no-pressure conveyor system for accumulating medications at previously impossible speeds. Tailored specifically for pharmaceutical applications, this machine flawlessly handles products, such as vials, which are prone to instability and damage on typical conveyors. With its capacity to accumulate and single file 2 mL and 3 mL vials at over 800 vials per minute, it far surpasses any other single filer on the market.

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As one of the smallest aluminum frame conveyors on the market, Dorner's 1100 series line of conveyors is ideal for handling small parts in the pharmaceutical industry. The frame height of this conveyor is only 3/4", making it an ideal choice for conveying product through machinery, and for small product transfers between steps in the production line. This low profile allows the conveyor to fit into even the tightest spaces, providing more space for machinery or workers. The system includes three FDA-approved belting options, a Clean Room Class 100 certification, and backlighting for inspection and quality control.

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Pharmaceutical Conveyor Case Studies

Vial drying solutions from Garvey help pharmaceutical companies preserve the cold chain by reducing the time it takes to inspect and label vials during packaging. Learn more about our automatic vial drying systems and other cold chain packaging solutions.

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Our Garvey brand recently introduced a next-generation automated vial tray loading system. This breakthrough solution allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to simultaneously load, accumulate, and lane products. This solution combines tray loading with accumulation to eliminate a common bottleneck on pharmaceutical manufacturing lines.

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In the pharmaceutical industry, serum vials are very small, but their impact on public health is enormous. Although standard vial sizes typically start at 2 mL, we have seen an influx of smaller vial sizes in the pharmaceutical industry that require a unique solution to prevent handling issues on the line. As a means of mitigating vial damage and safety concerns associated with working with smaller vials, Garvey developed the Infinity™ Rx Accumulation Table.

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