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Step into the dynamic realm of the entertainment industry, where hoisting and lifting equipment brings performances to life. Columbus McKinnon Entertainment Technology (CM-ET) is the industry leader in motors, rigging products, and safety education, catering specifically to the unique demands of the entertainment industry. Our commitment to innovation, meticulous craftsmanship, and unwavering safety standards has made us the go-to brand for industry professionals worldwide. Welcome to a world where innovation and expertise meet to create unforgettable experiences.


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Types of Theater Rigging

Entertainment-Industry.jpgAt its core, theater rigging refers to the specialized system of equipment and techniques used to suspend, move, and control various elements of a performance space. These elements may include lighting fixtures, set pieces, curtains, screens, and other components crucial to creating captivating and immersive experiences for audiences.

Dead Hung Stage Rigging - Picture a fixed installation of rigging equipment—battens, pipes, and trusses—providing a stable and reliable framework. Dead-hung stage rigging is ideal for permanent fixtures such as overhead lighting or sound equipment, ensuring a solid foundation for theatrical productions.

Counterweight Rigging - Balance, control, and precision are at the heart of counterweight rigging. With a system of weights and pulleys, technicians can effortlessly raise and lower set pieces, backdrops, and lighting systems, transforming the stage with stunning visual effects.

Motorized Rigging Systems - Motorized rigging systems have revolutionized the entertainment industry by introducing advanced automation and control mechanisms, allowing technicians to accurately achieve complex movements and swift transitions. Experience flexibility, efficiency, and enhanced safety measures—all vital to modern stage productions.

CM-ET Products and Training for Entertainment Applications

Entertainment Articles

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