5 Important Reasons Why Cheap Isn't Cheerful When It Comes To Linear Motion

Manufacturing | Industry News | By Duff-Norton | Dec 20, 2019

In an age of economic uncertainty, it’s easy to think that getting the cheapest price for your goods counts as a win. Unfortunately, that is not the case. As with anything you purchase that is required to provide a long-term function, if you buy cheap you will buy twice.

In this article, we will explore the top five reasons you should invest more money when buying linear motion products like linear actuators or screw jacks:

1. You’re buying better quality goods.

Generally, this means that the products come from a more reliable source. The manufacturing process will have been more considered, measured and monitored and even the staff making the products are better paid, have better working conditions and are likely more skilled.

2. You’re buying longevity.

. This is a crucial one because if you’re investing in any piece of equipment, no matter the price, you don’t expect it to break within a month. However, the nuances of where and how much you spend can be the difference between a long lifespan or having to replace it down the line. There are a number of ways you can maximize the life of your linear actuator, but paying a little more is a safe bet.

3. ‘Reliability is the precondition for trust.’

 said the wise Wolfgang Schauble and that’s exactly what you need to deliver exceptional output: trust from your customers. Trust comes from knowing that you can rely on the equipment. Not having to worry that it could be faulty or break down and cost you more money. Investing more in your equipment is a great way to ensure reliability and build that trust. Also look for a manufacturer who willingly provides a warranty to repair or replace any parts proven to be defective in materials or workmanship which shows that they trust in their products and so can you.

4. A cost-effective lifespan.

 The reality is that when you buy cheap that product will invariably cost you more money in the long term than if you had paid more at the beginning. A cheaper product could be made of cheaper materials, thereby compromising the whole product and how long it will last. This, in turn, could cost you repairs, loss of production, loss through downtime and wasted labour.

5. Reducing your risk factor.

When you pay more for a better-quality product you actually protect the life of your other machinery, too. If the worst happens and a faulty linear actuator breaks because you chose a cheaper model, it could damage surrounding pieces of equipment. In that instance, you wouldn’t just be looking at replacing the broken part, but potentially paying a significant bill to fix other machinery.

Make the right purchasing decision

Being frugal doesn't just mean saving money – it means spending your money wisely. Making the right purchasing decision is about weighing all of the above factors and considering your budget closely.

No matter what product or equipment you’re using, when you compromise on the quality you are compromising on the results. Your equipment will be in use daily for many years, so investing in the best quality products ensures the life of the equipment, the safety of those working around it and, of course, the reliable quality of the output.

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