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Why Should You Modernize?

Elevator | Power & Motion Technology | By Matt Gergeni | Jan 02, 2017

Our goal is to help you save energy and money while improving reliability with our energy regenerative controls for new installations and elevator modernization projects. Magnetek brand Elevator Drives will help transform your building into a facility that measures up to modern buildings in functionality, comfort, and energy savings.

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Magnetek’s online Energy Savings Calculator estimates the electrical consumption of existing elevator equipment and immediately compares results to that of other motor and motor drive combinations. Based on the operating characteristics of the elevators in your building, a quantitative comparison can then be drawn to determine how energy savings apply to your project.

Use these three easy-to-use tools that will help you determine the energy savings you can achieve by modernizing your elevator system:     

  1. How efficient will your elevator system be? Use our Elevator Energy Savings Calculator to evaluate your elevator system's energy consumption and costs:
  2. Contact Magnetek’s Elevator Drive experts today for a personalized consultation to evaluate the savings for your elevator modernization projects. To request a personalized consultation, call us at 800.236.1705 or 262.252.6999, press 2. In Europe, call +44(0) 1234 349191
  3. Start your elevator modernization project off right with Magnetek's Elevator Motor Evaluation Guide.


Magnetek Quattro DC Elevator Drives Deliver:

  • Improved Performance
  • Energy Savings
  • Longer Useful Life
  • Lower Installation Costs

Magnetek is a valued partner for elevator companies worldwide, providing AC and DC elevator motor control solutions that reduce environmental footprints and associated costs.

Existing DC-powered elevator systems, which likely have already been functioning between 30 and 70 years, can provide decades of additional service if properly maintained. Rather than costly, resource-intensive AC motor replacements, retaining DC motors and machines combined with Magnetek’s digital Quattro® DC or DSD® Elevator Drives is an investment for the future.

When you utilize Magnetek brand regenerative drives, you allow gravity and our high-efficiency drives to help recover and reuse electrical power that would normally be lost during elevator operation.

Elevators consume energy to move a loaded elevator car but then generate energy in the opposite direction as the car stops. Rather than simply losing this energy as heat through resistors, technology incorporated into Magnetek drives captures this energy to return it to the building power grid for use in other key facility processes such as lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), and additional electrical systems.

As energy regeneration occurs, your building’s total power consumption slows and savings per elevator cycle increases. In this way, our regenerative drives provide the potential for energy and cost savings every time an elevator runs.

Refer to our Quattro DC Drive Installation Guide for more information on planning a successful project.  

  1. Under load, an elevator motor consumes electricity as the elevator car is lifted — but actually generates energy as the car descends.
  2. Magnetek brand Quattro elevator motion control system captures the energy generated by the elevator drive and the motor and returns it to the utility power grid.
  3. Quattro also minimizes power line "noise," which can interfere with building electronics, such as data processing, lighting, and security systems.
  4. With Magnetek's Quattro, maximum electrical power is regenerated to the utility grid, saving building owners thousands of dollars in electricity bills each year.


Existing DC Motors
In addition to employing sustainable regenerative energy, when you modernize existing DC elevator systems with Magnetek drives instead of replacing an entire system, you eliminate expensive equipment removal and costs associated with producing, shipping, and installing a new system, and you improve ride performance and control. Installation of Magnetek regenerative drives may also qualify you for LEED or BREEAM® credits and ENERGY STAR points.

Combining a DC motor with one of our Quattro® DC Elevator Drives provides:

  • Within 3% of the same power savings as an AC drive with regeneration capabilities
  • Reduced peak and average power demand and clean harmonics
  • Near unity power factor so there is no need to replace costly power wiring or breakers

Existing AC Motors
Complement your PM AC gearless system with Magnetek Quattro® AC technology. Regenerative energy can also be harnessed in an AC gearless traction modernization. If you choose to modernize a permanent magnet AC gearless elevator, Magnetek Quattro AC Elevator Drives can be utilized to achieve the same energy savings, low harmonics, and unity power factor benefits. Magnetek’s RegenAC™ technology can be added to most existing non-regenerative AC machines to maximize energy savings.


Magnetek’s proven track record, technical expertise, and superior customer service make us the worldwide source for high-performance, built-to-last elevator drives. Recognized as the absolute leader in DC Elevator Drives and the premier AC Drives supplier for low- to high-rise elevators, we have earned the prestigious status of being “the” drive supplier to the elevator industry.

With over 35 years of innovation and more than 94,000 Magnetek Elevator Drives installed across six continents, we are uniquely qualified to provide energy savings modernization solutions. Customers trust our green regenerative drives to operate elevators in many of the most famous buildings around the world.

We are dedicated to designing, building, selling, and supporting high-quality Elevator Drives that efficiently deliver motion-control power along with unmatched ride smoothness, reduced installation time, and long-term reliability.

Magnetek will work with you to determine the best solution when you decide to modernize your DC or AC elevator systems.



This DC Motor Evaluation document contains technical content as a guideline when writing specifications or as a pre-modernization checklist for field superintendents.  



High-quality products with attention-to-detail service are cornerstones of Magnetek’s mission. We are dedicated to building Energy Engineered® elevator drives that efficiently deliver motion-control power along with unmatched ride smoothness, reduced installation time, and, most importantly, long-term reliability.

Our full line of high-efficiency DC and AC Elevator Drives are proven solutions for enabling the most successful building modernizations. We specialize in designing and manufacturing highly integrated drive systems that will maintain superior levels of functionality, safety, and comfort.                                                                       

DC Elevator Drives
Rather than costly, resource-intensive AC motor replacements, retaining DC motors and machines combined with Magnetek’s digital Quattro® DC or DSD® Elevator Drives are investments for the future.

AC Elevator Drives
State-of-the-art Quattro® AC, M1000, HPV® 900 Series 2, RegenAC™, and L1000A products all contribute to greener, more efficient elevator operations for AC modernizations or upgrades of existing installations.