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DC Motor Evaluation

Start Your Elevator Modernization Project Off Right

Elevator | Power & Motion Technology | By Magnetek | Apr 25, 2016

Updating older elevator machines to modern technology can significantly reduce energy costs. DC elevator machines that are properly maintained and in good working order can provide excellent ride quality and years of additional service. Preparation is key to ensure that an elevator modernization project is successful. Columbus McKinnon recommends that a motor analysis and repair company perform a DC motor evaluation before building owners begin a modernization project.

The Magnetek brand Quattro® DC is the optimal choice for a successful modernization project, offering:

  • Energy Savings
  • Lower Installation Costs Compared to AC Motor and Drive Replacements
  • Superior Ride Quality
  • Improved Performance
  • Long Usable Life

Once you decide to modernize your DC machines, it is key to prepare. For more information on preparing for a successful modernization, see our Quattro DC Drive Installation Guide


  • Become aware of problems that require immediate repair for continued service
  • Determine risk before issuing modernization contracts
  • Schedule corrective actions before they become failures

Inspection and Repair Procedure

  • Perform a detailed visual inspection
  • Electrical evaluation
  • Clean and/or repairs
  • Install modernized motor controls

Key DC Motor Test Methods

  • Physical inspection
  • Insulation testing (before & after testing)
  • Diagnostic AC voltage drop test of motor fields
  • Infrared hot spot detection or thermography while in operation
  • Mechanical vibration analysis
  • Electrical signature analysis while in operation
  • Impedance balance measurements of armature resistance, inductance, and capacitance 

Available Providers

Electrical Motor Repair Company
Trenton, NJ

Vincent Electric Motor Co.
Oakland, CA

McIntosh Industries LLC
Hillside, NJ

Bloomfield, CT
Koffer Electrical
San Leandro, CA
Renown Electric Motors & Repair, Inc.
Concord, Ontario, Canada
Capital Electric Motor Service
Dallas, TX

DC Drive Installation Guide

Updating older elevator machines with modern DC drive technology can significantly reduce energy costs for your building, provide a longer useful life, and offer substantial savings in installation versus a complete AC motor replacement.


DC Motor Evaluation

DC machines that are properly maintained and in good working order can provide excellent ride quality and years of additional service. 

Motor Evaluation

Prolonging DC Machine Life

Columbus McKinnon's dv/dt filters and shaft grounding systems.

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