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Columbus McKinnon Associates Share Stories About Inspirational Women Who Have Impacted Their Careers

In Celebration of Women's History Month, we invited our global associates to share about inspirational women in their lives.

By Columbus McKinnon Associates | Jan 01, 0001

Throughout Women’s History Month we celebrate the contributions of female leaders and innovators. In this spirit of inspiration and celebration, we invited our global associates to share about women in their lives who have positively impacted their careers. 

Here are their answers:


Thamires, CMCO Brazil

All of the women who are part of CMCO Brazil, each with all of their limitations, contribute positively so that our business can continue to grow. We know that being a woman is having to face countless obstacles, preconceptions, and "labels", but I can see the determination of each one of them to contribute to a better Columbus McKinnon.



Frauke, CMCO Getzville

Joleen Milne inspires me! Joleen is incredibly hard-working, extremely detail-oriented and very knowledgeable. Her job in audit requires her to dig deep into the systems, processes and results of the department she is auditing. Joleen is throughout in her work, but does everything with a positive and pleasant attitude.

I am always thrilled when I get to work with Joleen on a project and frequently seek her out for advice. I know whatever I come to her with, Joleen genuinely cares and is willing to help.

I trust her judgment and appreciate her kind and thoughtful advice. Anytime I speak with Joleen, I leave the conversation with a smile on my face and a renewed energy to tackle the tasks at hand. I am privileged to work with Joleen and honored to call her my friend.



Peter, Magnetek, Menomonee Falls

My first thought was of my Mom, Beulah Stipan, as she inspired most everyone she met. I was her youngest of nine children (and I am a twin) and when we were 5-years old, she graduated from college as a teacher at 48 years old and taught elementary school until she retired.

Her dream was to teach. She taught each one of us to pursue our dreams. We learned engineering and art and music from her, and to cook, to teach, to help others, to be independent, and also supportive of family and friends and to be true to our values.

She raised us to be caring and loving of others no matter who they were or where they lived or what they looked like. She befriended people from all over the world and was our role model, my inspiration.

She helped a young Philippine woman through college who came to live with us, and her family became our family on an international scale. Love knows no boundaries. My Mom helped in Martin Luther King rallies and stood up for equal rights and she taught us to appreciate and defend our freedom. When we had ideas, she nurtured us to pursue and see them realized. She inspired me, and I am grateful to share this small portion of her story.


Madhurima, CMCO UK

Every individual from the time they learn to walk, talk and understand their surrounding get inspired from things around them. In the early years, it is their parents, grandparents or elder siblings and then as they expand their horizons they get inspired from people in their fields of interest and passion. Then there are people like Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale or Hellen Keller whose compassion and determination are examples to all.

I have been fortunate enough to lead an ordinary life and experience these phases and emotions. However in 2017 when I had my premature twins each weighing a little over a kg one lady showed me how mental strength and determination can overcome any physical weakness. Since my twins had to be fed milk with spoon after every 2 hours for the first 2 months it was a 24/7 job for me.

My Grandmother-in-law at 89 years of age in 2017 came forward stayed up the night for 2 months as I slept for few hours. Having almost lost her eye sights due to cataract she could not see properly but she would sit up with twins in her lap for whole night and wake me up when the alarm rang at 12, 2, 4 am.

She would go to bed at 6 am once the household was awake. Now at the age of 92 she still can give people half her age a run for their money when it comes to planning things, giving ideas and even cooking. When we ask her how she manages so many things still she will just say 'it is all in the mind'.