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Columbus McKinnon Celebrates Veteran Employees

To all our associate veterans and veterans around the globe, we thank you for your service and sacrifice. We are honored to work alongside you and share your stories.

By | Nov 12, 2021

On Armistice Day, and every day, we honor the sacrifices many have made to ensure peace and safety across all nations. In celebration of service members this Armistice Day (and Veterans Day in the United States), we reached out to our veteran associates and invited them to share their stories.

The below 11 veterans have volunteered to share a bit about themselves, their time in the service, and their roles at Columbus McKinnon. To all our associate veterans and veterans around the globe, we thank you for your service and sacrifice. We are honored to work alongside you and share your stories.

Michael Belcher - Continuous Improvement Technicianvet belcher.jpg

Michael Belcher served in the US Navy from 1988 through 1992 and is a Desert Shield/Storm Vet Disabled Veteran.

He was a Radioman onboard the USS John F. Kennedy CV-67 out of Portsmouth VA. Michael joined the Columbus McKinnon team seven years ago and is a Continuous Improvement Technician in Lexington, TN.

Allan Bradley – CNC MachinistFB_IMG_1588183775959.jpg

Allan Bradley served in the US Air Force as a C-141 Starlifter aircraft loadmaster during Operation Just Cause in Panama and Desert Storm. 

Allan has been an integral member of Columbus McKinnon’s award-winning Damascus, VA team as a CNC Machinist for over 11 years.



Robert Bruno - Industry Products Trainerrob vet.png

Robert Bruno served in the US Coast Guard from 2000 to 2006. Rob served at Coast Guard Station in Monterey, CA from 2000 to 2002 as a crew member on the 47ft motor lifeboat, 41ft UTB, and 21ft RHI.

From 2002 to 2006, he served on the USCGC Cypress WLB 210 Sea Going buoy tender stationed in Mobile, AL, where he was a crane operator, aid to navigation technician, and small boat coxswain.

Rob joined Columbus McKinnon in November of 2017 as an Industry Products Trainer, bringing his experience to Columbus McKinnon’s training curriculum.

Cpl. Joseph A. Davis – Material Handling joe davis vet.JPG

Cpl. Joseph A. Davis was a member of the 7th Infantry Division out of Fort Ord National Monument in California from January 1985 through May 1988.

From May through November of 1987, he was a member of Multinational Forces & Observers, an international peacekeeping force, Company Commander Driver Delta Co. 11 Bravo Infantry/11 Bravo Charlie 2 Dragon Missile.

Joseph is a Service Parts Operator with Columbus McKinnon and has been with the company for 11 ½ years.

Susan Garrett – Master Schedulervet susan garrett.jpg

Susan Garrett is a veteran of the US Airforce, a former instructor of all air crew members in an Altitude Chamber. She treated gas gain green ulcers, Co2 poisoning, and other ailments in a chamber that simulated diving with 100% oxygen. Susan has been with Columbus McKinnon for six years as a Master Scheduler in Damascus, VA.  

Mark Henschel - Senior Project Engineervet mark.png

Mark Henschel served in the US Army working as an Aircraft Electrician working on helicopters.

Mark joined Columbus McKinnon 23 years ago in December of 1997 at Electromotive Systems, soon to become Magnetek and a part of the Columbus McKinnon family.

Today, Mark is a Senior Product Engineer at the Magnetek Menomonee Falls, WI location.





Graham McAleer – Service Engineergraham mcaleer.jpg

Graham McAleer served with the Irish Guards in the British Army from 1982 to 1986. He found a love for lifting gear and equipment in the Army and was trained by the Royal Engineers, earning the title of Assault Pioneer. Graham served in Germany during the Cold War guarding nuclear bases and the picture in ceremonial dress is guarding Her Majesty The Queen outside one of the Royal palaces in London.

Graham is now a Service Engineer and has worked at Columbus McKinnon’s Belfast branch in Northern Ireland for 18 ½ years.


Ron Newton – Receiving Inspectorvet ron.jpg

Ron Newton served in the US Navy from 1982 through 1986 on Aircraft Carrier Eisenhower CVN-69. Ron has been a member of the Columbus McKinnon family for 27 years, working as a Receiving Inspector in Wadesboro, NC.



Troy Raines - Global Chain and Rigging
Product Engineering Manager

Troy Raines is Columbus McKinnon’s resident rigging expert, Global Chain and Rigging Product Engineering Manager at the Chattanooga, TN location. When looking back on his time in the service, he thinks about the people and places that motivate him still today.

“I was lucky enough to do exciting things in many interesting places with small teams of highly motivated and skilled individuals pulling together.  Today, I try to leverage those experiences to build teams and enable outstanding performance.” Troy has been with Columbus McKinnon for 17 years.

Sarah Welty - Software EngineerWelty_Vet_Photo.JPG

After serving six years in the United States Army as a Military Police Sergeant, Sarah Welty then completed 16 successful Airborne jumps at Fort Bragg NC. Sarah competed in and won many soldier/NCO challenge awards and is an All Army Softball Gold Medalist.

Pleasant memories include training soldiers and working with cross functional teams to assist and protect the community and enforce the law. Sarah joined the Columbus McKinnon team one year ago as a Software Engineer at the Ballantyne Center of Excellence.

John Wise – Production Manager at Menomonee Fallsarmy photo1.png

John Wise served in the Army for four years as an Aviation mechanic, with one eight-month tour in Saudi Arabia during the Persian Gulf War.

Now Production Manager in Menomonee Falls, WI, John has been with Columbus McKinnon for 29 years.