Priestley Wharf Elevator Upgrade Project

Birmingham, UK

Elevator | Power & Motion Technology | Automation | By Samantha Lotz | Sep 07, 2015

Magnetek visited the UK installation site of our HPV 900AF axial flux drive during the final commissioning process of a four-floor elevator control system at Priestley Wharf in Birmingham, England.


Installed in 1997, the original control system suffered various failures and was eventually decommissioned due to high costs for spare parts. Concept Elevators sought to replace the poorly functioning control system and chose to utilize Magnetek’s HPV 900AF drive as a more cost-effective, quality alternative.


The HPV 900AF drive, with patented technology, is designed with modernization in mind, engineered to meet the needs of today’s machine room-less (MRL) axial flux disk type motors. Its permanent magnet synchronous axial flux control capability provides ease of installation whilst delivering optimal performance. The HPV 900AF is a practical, affordable, and convenient solution when retaining an axial flux type PM motor.


Due to the low foot traffic in the building, previously installed ‘direct-to-floor’ control was deemed unnecessary in the new installation, a modification leading to measurable improvements included on the travel plot graphs. The ride profile and ride quality were considered to be comparable or better than the original equipment.


Concept Elevators and Priestley Wharf were pleased with the smooth installation, equipment performance, and technical support provided during the project and intend to use the same solution on other elevators in the same complex and on other sites.

Priestly Wharf Elevator AC Upgrade Project